Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Only a few hours left in the year. New Years Eve pretty good day so far. I forgot to meet my Friend for lunch today and I really hate that because it is hard to find time to spend with my friend she has a husband and 2 children well one is an adult and one teenager but both are still living at home and her husband is a minister. So after a few emails this afternoon we have made arrangement to meet on Friday for lunch. I had to go out to Walmart today and to Food Lion. I had to pick up a few things at Walmart and Food Lion had Champagne on sale 3 for $11.00 so I brought 6 bottles and no I won't drink them all tonight. I will save some for a later date. I have spent most of the day watching The Twilight Zone Marathon on the Sci-Fi channel. I look forward to this every year. I will change to Dick Clark around 11:30. I need to add a few rows to my Christmas Carol Scarf. So far no reading today or knitting. I received an offer in the mail yesterday to subscribe to Vogueknitting I don't have any plans to subscribe but in the letter they did send a free pattern for a ribbed cap simple pattern and they used Noro/KFI's Kureyon #102 pink. So now I need to talk my self out of going to Stitch Point on Saturday to buy a skein for the cap. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year. Happy crafting.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another long weekend

You know I could get use to a 2 day work week and long as I am getting paid for 5 days. I made it I have all my cases processed and I am off work for the rest of the week. I have the house to myself until New Year's Day. So I plan to enjoy my time off. I did not get a chance to knit, or read yesterday after work. After work I got home a started a pot of chili so I could give some to my daughter and her boyfriend to take to the beach, my mother baked a ham and made yeast rolls. My daughter and her boyfriend got to the house at around 10:30 or 11:00 she had to work yesterday. We had a very nice visit. I am trying very hard not to get to attached to this boyfriend but he is so nice and very like able. Sunday made the 8 months. Her longest relationship since college. So I got to bed late and had to get up and go to work today, the first few hours at work was rough but made it through and as stated earlier I finished processing all the cases I needed to get done by the end of the month. It was not easy. Finished a few rows on my Christmas Carol Scarf and I plan to read later tonight. Just a quick update tonight no new pictures to post. Happy crafting. Christmas beach trip 2006.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vacation over back to work tomorrow.

Well I my Christmas vacation was wonderful. I did a little knitting, reading and shopping. Spent time with my daughter. My daughter spent the afternoon her with me and her grandmother. It was nice to have her home. During the school year she is very busy with classes , cheer leading, working and of course her boyfriend. I have a hard 2 days ahead of me this week. I need to get all my cases processed so I can take Wednesday off work the office is closed on New Year's Day. I have asked for New Year's Eve off work a who wants to go back to work on Friday after having Thursday off so I requested Friday off too. I have both days off but if I can't get finished with my cases I might have to work at least half a day on Wednesday. So far no knitting today might knit a few rows tonight. Happy crafting.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I love vacation.

Why is it that your days off seem to pass by so quickly. It's Saturday night and it's back to work on Monday. Another great day spent most of the morning watching old movies on TCM, got up dressed and went to the movies The Tale Of Despereaux, with my niece Deja she's 9. The movie was great and I enjoyed myself and the time I spent with my neice. The mouse was so cute. So be brave if you don't have a little kid to take with you and go see the movie. I picked up my copy of Dead Men Don't Crochet, by Betty Hechtman. I think I will read a few pages tonight. I added a few rows to my Christmas Carol scarf. Posting a picture of the scarf in progress. Happy Crafting.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Eating and shopping.

Great day today. I spent part of the morning checking my email and a few forums. Then showered got dressed so that I could meet my daughter in Greensboro to do a little mother daughter bonding. While I waited for her to get to Greensboro from Durham I paid a visit to Gate City Yarns located at 231 S Elm St, Greensboro. It was my first time in the shop since the remodel and reopening, Yarn Etc was the former owners of the shop. It is now owned by Carl Beeson and Tina Feir. I signed up for their newsletter and I've already received a newsletter it was in my email when I got home today, they have great yarn and the place looks great inside. I brought 3 skeins of yarn Duo in a very pretty variegated blue it is an acrylic but it does not feel like acrylic, also one of my favorites Lambs Pride Bulky in a very pretty Cranberry Swirl. I already have a project in mine for the Lambs Pride. I meet my daughter at Ganache located at 403 N Elm St, Greensboro. When you walk through the doors the very first thing you see is the most beautiful cakes and cheesecake I have every seen. The staff was very friendly the service was excellent and the food was just so, so good. My daughter and I both ordered the Shrimp and grits and all I can say is wow I have never had grits for anything but breakfast never with shrimp served as an entree, I also tried a bowl of she crab soup it was great too! My daughter had a slice of Red Velvet Cake she said it was very good. We are both ready to go back again. Then We went to Stitch Point located at 1614-C West Friendly Avenue, Greensboro brought more yarn Plymouth Yarn Galway 6 skeins 3 pink and 3 green to knit a scarf and hat for my daughter in her sorority colors. If you are a Noro lover Stitch Point is the place to go, I need to make another trip I hope in February My plan is to buy Noro lots of Noro. Then to add to shopping I should not have done I went to borders pick up the latest One - Skein Wonders book 101 Small Indulgences Luxury Yarn One - Skein Wonders. I spent sometime last night working on a plain garter stitch scarf to go along with the reading of A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens it is next months book discussion on a group through Ravelry. The yarn is Lion Brand Yarn Fishermen's Wool color Nature's Brown 100% pure virgin wool. I plan to add fringe. In all the Christmas Carol movies I love to watch every year most of the scarves have fringe. The last inflatable in the yard Snoopy on top of his dog house. Happy crafting.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas day and so far a pretty good day. My sister and nieces and nephew came over for a few minutes this morning. My daughter has called me 3 times today. She is in Durham spending Christmas with her boyfriend and his family. I think she is having a good time. I think she will be back here on Sunday. I definitely had to much wine last night I put on my favorite Christmas Carol dvd on and I was asleep before the door knocker turned into Jacob Marley. So just as soon as my mother leaves to go visit her mother my grandmother with her sister I am planning on giving it another try and watching the movie again. The Grinch after he stole all the toys from the Who's another inflatable in the yard. I took the pictures during the day because my camera does not do to well at night.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Well its Christmas Eve. I spent a few hours of the day at Walmart and Bottom Dollar, Lowe's Food. Last minute shopping. I hate last minute shopping. At this time I am watching It's a Wonderful Life. I have already had to much wine and a visit from a very good friend. So far no reading,knitting, crochet or reading. I have to start while I am on vacation. Our office was closed today and will be closed Thursday and Friday reopen on Monday. I hope everyone has a happy Christmas. I think I should cast on. This is the Grinch coming out of the chimney very nice yard art.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Very pink scarf.

Well the weekend almost over. I just finished a nice Bias Scarf. I used Yarn Bee Yarn in what I think is bubblegum pink. I lost the band that went with the yarn. I paid a visit to my local Hobby Lobby and the Hobby Lobby in Greensboro no more of the yarn in the color I have so I how have a very short scarf. Great scarf. Only 2 work days Monday and Tuesday and then nice long vacation. Our office is closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I return to work 12/29/2008 work the 29th and the 30th and go back to work on the 5th of January. So it like oh happy day. Still no picture of the Grinch I will take one on Wednesday and post the same day. Posting a picture of the Bias Scarf that is hot off the needles.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rainy Saturday Night

Well not an all together bad day. It started out a bit rocky because about 6:30 am I think I was trying to come out of a bad dream I kept hearing a loud noise like someone was trying to beat on my front door and get it open then move to my bedroom window and all I remember is the beating noise at the door and my window and the fact that I was very afraid and could not make myself scream. I could her myself screaming in my head but no sound out of my mouth. Do I finally made myself sit up in bed an then get out of bed and turn my bedroom light on in the room. I went into the living room turned on the lights looked outside and nothing so I think it was just a dream. Could not go back to sleep so I spent the early morning with TMC and my computer. I had a planned trip to Costco with my sister and brother in law. It had been several months since I had paid a visit to Costco and I still love the store but the prices have increased more than I expected them to increase. I still feel on some items I received a good price but I am being to wonder if it is worth the membership fee. I have to accept the fact that I will not be able to get another skein of yarn for the bias scarf I have on the needles. It is a Yarn Bee yarn by Hobby Lobby. I made the mistake of only buying on skein because I felt like it would be enough and it is not because I like a nice long scarf. The Hobby Lobby in Greensboro did not have the color I need. The color they had did not come close. It is a nice very bright pink. You can see the color in yesterday's post. The picture I am posting tonight is of a bowl of Manhattan Catfish Chowder I found the recipe in our local newspaper The Courier-Tribune Wednesday July 18, 2001 I love the recipe. I like to make it on cold nights it is not that cold tonight but very rainy so I felt that it was a good time to make the chowder. Only 2 work days in the up coming week. Happy, Happy! So far so good on Yarn Harlot the secret life of a knitter.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Night Combo

Well its Friday night and it is my blog anniversary 12/19/2005 while watching tv and drinking wine I decided to create a blog. I have to confess until I started listening to NPR and read an article in the newspaper I did not know anything about blogs. In November 2005 I decided to learn how to crochet took a class at my local Hobby Lobby joined Crochetville and found out so many interesting things. I am however a bad blogger because I will go for long periods of time without posting a blog. It is not because I have a lot to do at night or on the weekends but because I hit slumps and I can barely make myself do anything. I know I have promised this before but in 2009 I plan to try harder. Knit, crochet, and post more often. I brought another Yarn Harlot book(Yarn Harlot the secret life of a knitter) today and the Fall/Winter issue of Knit.1 . So I plan to look through the magazine and read a few pages of the Yarn Harlot book. Only 2 days to work next week Monday and Tuesday our office is closed Wednesday,Thursday, and Friday. So a nice long holiday. I don't want to wish this weekend away because it passing by to fast all by its self but I can't wait until next Tuesday. The year is almost over and I am not sure I am ready. You will see in the picture I have posted my current knitting project it is a Bias Scarf using Yarn Bee Yarn I made the rookie mistake when I purchased this yarn over a year ago to only by one skein. So this week I went looking for another skein at my local Hobby Lobby and I could not find the color I needed. So if I can't find this color tomorrow at the Greensboro Hobby Lobby I will need to live with a short scarf.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Night Out With Friends

I spent a wonderful night out with one of my friends Priscilla Williams and her daughter Amber. After work today I met them a local restaurant Chin Song Restaurant they had a very good sanitation grade the food and the hot tea was great, very friendly service. Then it was off to the library to listen to a wonderful concert performed by Lane Ragsdale and Friends. It was called A Greeting Card from Lane and Friends. Everyone did a wonderful job and I really enjoyed myself and I play to go to the next performance in the spring. I have decided that I am going to try and get out more and participate if life. I have got to do more fun things instead of the soul sucking activities I participating in each and everyday. My picture is blurred could not get a good shot.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quick Post

It is the middle of the week and I wanted to do a quick post to say still knitting and reading. I made a trip to Hobby Lobby after work today I was looking for a certain Yarn Bee yarn in a certain color a very bright pink I my local Hobby Lobby did not have the yarn. So on Saturday I will visit the Hobby Lobby in Greensboro to see if the have a skein if not my scarf will be short. I purchased a skein of Fishermen's Wool , by Lion Brand Yarn. I plan to use this to make a simple knit stitch scarf to go along with the book A Christmas Carol. A Christmas Carol is the book of the month on a reading group that I belong to on Ravelry. My favorite movie based on the book is the Alastair Sims version in the movie you see several scarves and shawls. I think most of them are knit. So I plan to do a simple scarf in knit stitch to go along with the book using the Fisherman' s Wool . Still reading Knit Two, by Kate Jacobs and adding row's to both the Bias scarves I have on needles.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Finally a finished project!

Well today I managed enough energy to weave the ends on my Filipi Scarf, designed by Tamara Del Sonno from the book 101 Yarn-Shop Favorites One-Skein Wonders, Edited by Judith Durant. The scarf that I knit is on page 29. I used the Misti International, Misti Alpaca Chunky, 100% baby alpaca color I used VR1440 Forest Green. The scarf in the photo is 2L474 Yellow. The yarn is great very soft. The pictures I post just don't seem to capture the color very good but its close. The scarf is not difficult too knit. The worse part for me was the ending ruffle. Increasing back out to 64 stitches. I had a lot of help from Jane Lackey a friend a fellow co-worker. I knit a few rows on one of my bias scarves I have on needles. Finished reading Dead Until Dark The First Sookie Stackhouse Novel, by Charlaine Harris. The HBO Series True Blood is based on the Sookie Stackhouse Series. It was a great book and I am on the waiting list at the library for the second book in the series. While I am waiting I have gone back to Knit Two it is Kate Jacobs sequel to A Friday Night Knitting Club. Well Monday is looming and I want to read a little more before I go to bed.

Monday, December 08, 2008


Well its the last month in the year. No real news on the knitting or the crochet front. I read over a pattern for an afghan I started I think at least 2 years ago. Crochet Lace Shells I need to add a few mores rows and I think it will be big enough for a throw. It is red I love read. I went online and found the instruction for the brick or crazy stitch I started an afghan out of that stitch and I think it is big enough and just need to weave the ends. Still have 3 ufo Bias Scarves and need to weave the ends of my Filippi Scarf. I have not cast on the second scarf. I Final picked up the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse Novel Dead Until Dark, Charlaine Harris, so far so good. I wanted to read the books after I started watching Trueblood on HBO. I did not get started reading books about Vampires until this year and it started with the Twilight Series, by Stephenie Meyer. The second book in a crochet mystery series is out , by Betty Hechtman Dead Men Don't Crochet. I plan to check Books-A-Million on Monday. I am a bad blogger. I plan to try and improve in the new year. Post more and knit and crochet more in the new year. I still have not managed to take a picture of the inflatable Grinch. I keep forgetting until it get to dark.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nice long weekend over it's Sunday night.

Well for the first time since 2006 I have had 5 whole days off work. I took Wednesday off and the office was closed on Thursday and Friday. I spent some very nice Mother, Daughter bonding time on Wednesday putting net lights on the azalea bushes and staking inflatables in the yard. Later in the week I promise to post a picture of the inflatable Grinch. I know they are outdoor decorations but I don't think they work well in the rain. I plugged them in today and the Grinch did not look like he would stay lite so I unplugged everyone and I will wait until later in the week when they dry out. Final finished knitting my Filippi Scarf and binding off all I need to do now is weave the ends. I am ready to cast on a second Filippi Scarf I might to that tonight. I did not spend to much time knitting this weekend like I had planned to do. Thursday had dinner with the family and watched Yours mine and ours on TMC with my daughter Thursday night. Went to see Twilight with my daughter and 2 of her friend Friday afternoon and on Friday night had leftovers at my sisters house and watched A Christmas Carol the Alastair Sim version. My favorite and on an off on Saturday I watched the Planet of the Apes marathon and started reading Knit Two, by Kate Jacobs it is the sequel to A Friday Night Knitting Club. No Black Friday shopping no money had to pay the mortgage. I wish you could get one month out of the year that you did not have to pay any bills. I am posting a picture of my daughter from the Night she was pinned she is Alpha Kappa Alpha the Gamma Lambda Chapter at Winston Salem State University. I did not go to the pinning but I did attend probate last Sunday night. I will post a picture of her from that night later in the week.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Filippi Scarf gone wrong!

Well over the past weekend while trying to finish the ending ruffle on my scarf my stitches went so wrong. I asked a friend at work to help me middle of last week and she did she did the first row of the ruffle while I watched and I planned to work the 2nd row. Well I did not increase the way I should have and could not figure out how to take the stitches back out that I had knit so how I am in a mess. I plan to take the scarf to work tomorrow and get my friend to help me rip out a few rows without doing to much damage. I sent a message to a friend on Ravelry because she had knit the same scarf and she told me to knit and purl in the same stitch for the increase to make the ruffle. I hope I can figure this out soon it is a great scarf and I have another very pretty bulky yarn to make another scarf in the same pattern. The pattern is from One-Skein Wonders 101 Yarn-Shop Favorites, edited by Judith Durant page 29. My work on the scarf will continue. I have 3 Bias scarves in various stages on progress and my Giant Pom-Pom Scarf still waiting on Pom-Poms. I hope to finish all of this over my nice long Thanksgiving Holiday. I hope I only have to work 2 days next week! I have asked for Wednesday off too and I am trying my very best to get all my work done so I can take the day off on Wednesday. That will be 5 whole days I have not had 5 days in a row off since December 2006. Happy knitting and crocheting.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cast on!

I cast on a bias scarf yesterday using Patons Classic Wool Merino in That's Pink, nice bright color. Finished the last few rows and binding off of a scarf now all I need to do is make the pom-poms and attach them to the scarf. Just as soon as I do that and get my camera back from my daughter I will post a picture. Our office was closed today for Veterans Day. So I had a nice long day of rest and I am happy about. Yes I do feel very greatful to all Veterans. I know its not just about having the day off.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Hallelujah, Hallelujah is the highest praise!. Over 200 years on slavery, 200 years of Jim Crow and a black (African American) is the President elect of the United States Of America. Glory, Glory, Hallelujah is the highest praise. Words cannot express how I feel about this moment in history. I have heard people say I can't vote for him because of his name, or because he is a Muslim and all these things have been overcome. I am 44 years old and I did not think I would live to see the day a black man aka African American could become the next president of the united states of America. So this is from slavery to the white house. I have soon much hope for the future.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

VOTE !!!!!!!! VOTE !!!!!!!!


Saturday, November 01, 2008


Well I got up early today and made my way to the board of elections and cast my vote. This was the last day for early voting. I hope everyone will vote on election day. I am ready for a change the past 8 years have been hell and I am tired. I finally brought my first Yarn Harlot book. At Knit's End Meditations for Women who Knit Too Much, by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. So far it is a good read.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Daughter and her Friends!!!!

Well no big news on the knitting front. This post is just so I can post a few pictures of my daughter and her friends. She had these pictures taken last week during Homecoming activities. The first is a picture of my daughter Kendra Bruton and Joshua Chavis. Miss and Mister University Cheerleader.

This is a picture of Kendra and her Friend Gennerfra Daniels Miss NABA

The last picture is of Kendra and Brent her friend. I was informed that today made the 6 month mark in the relationship.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

October slowly fading away.

Well this weekend was not to bad. I went to WSSU'S Homecoming on Saturday and what I thought would be a wet time was not wet at all had some rain on the way to the game but by the time the game started the sun came out and it was a great and dry day. WSSU lost the game I felt sorry for them since it was Homecoming everyone wants a win during Homecoming. So I came home and spent the evening watching tv and knitting I am working on a scarf that I started almost a year ago and since it has been so long since I had worked on the scarf when I started back I some how went wrong and had to rip out the old stuff and start all over again I really should not have started the project again after the 3rd glass of wine. The scarf so long in the making can be found in Crazy Aunt Purl's Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair, by Laurie Perry aka Crazy Aunt Purl, Giant Pom-Pom Scarf. My second project is from One-Skein Wonders Edited by Judith Durant, Filippi Scarf on page 29. If I worked my project everyday I am sure I would finish them faster and would have more project to post. Its Sunday night and I am trying not to think about Monday and another work week.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Rainy Friday

Well its Fall and today was cool rainy. I am so glad its the weekend. Very busy week at work. My knitting week has been a little slow. I did weave the ends of at least 3 Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloths. I knit 2 of the dishcloths using I Love This Cotton! Super Soft Super Savings from Hobby Lobby color#/Name;# 8 Carousel Hombre. Very pretty color. It is really soft and the color is great. The last debate is over and now we are in the home stretch until voting day. I hope everyone gets out and votes. I feel that it is one of the most important things we can to as citizens. I feel this way more so for myself because for a long time black or if you prefer African Americans did not have this right until a lot of people fought and died. So since the age of eighteen I have participated in the voting process. When your people have been hung, hosed, and killed to obtain their right it is your moral duty to participate in the process. If you have not registered to vote check with you state to see if they have One-Stop Voting Sites. In the state on North Carolina early voting stated 10/16/2008 and will continue through 11/01/2008. You can register and vote in the same day. Please call you local board of election to find out if you have the same thing in you state.

Friday, October 10, 2008

What a day

I know I know a long time between posts. I have been very lazy and not much knitting going on these last few days. I started 2 different dishcloths started and I ripped them out because something went wrong with both dishcloths. I finished reading Dyer Consequences, by Maggie Sefton the 5th book in the knitting mystery series. I finally brought a skein of I Love This Cotton! the color #8 Carousel Ombre. I plan to knit another Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth you can find the pattern at Dishcloths Boutique . This weekend no football game the next game is Homecoming October 25, 2008. I love the idea of the game not so sure about the parade but since my daughter will be in the parade I have to go to many people and to much traffic. I will be at the parade however because that's what Mothers do for there children.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

No New Projects

Well I have spent most of the week reading and I finally cast on a dishcloth. I am still trying to conquer the #10 Shapely Diamond dishcloth from the #3824 Kitchen Bright Dishcloths 10 Knit Designs. I cast on again this weekend. I am currently reading a new Maggie Sefton knitting Mystery Dyer Consequences. I went to WSSU football game on Saturday. WSSU lost and I feel so bad for them. If you visit you tube and search for WSSU cheerleader then go to the video for MTV you can see the Red Team cheerleaders. I Think the video is great you can see the cheerleader and the band I think the color guard and dancers and pep squad.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Feather and Fan Dishcloth

Well another weekend draws to a close and it is off to work tomorrow. I am so very thankful to have a job. I am also very depressed. I wish I had been born smart enough to attend College and move far far away. So life being what it is I will just have to move on and exist until I die. I went to WSSU on Saturday to watch the game and my daughter cheer. WSSU lost the game but I still enjoyed the evening. I spent today reading and knitting. I made a trip to the Library in Greensboro to pick up a book to read Dyer Consequences, by Maggie Sefton the 5th book in a series. I finished knitting a Feather & Fan Dishcloth. I used Peaches & Creme 100% Cotton Yarn 4 ply color #175 Fiesta and size 4.5 mm knitting needles. Great pattern you can find the pattern at .

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


September already!! Well its the first week of September and I am amazed that we are in the 9th month of the year. The year will end before we know what has happened. I paid a visit to the Library and picked up the book The Sisterhood of the Dropped Stitches, by Janet Tronstad. I cast on for the 2nd time Feather & Fan Dishcloth designed by Linda Smith. You can find the pattern at . I had to rip out the first dishcloth not because it is a hard pattern but because I worked on the pattern while watching the democratic convention and Barack Obama's speech I some how lost which row I was and the rest is history. Rip, rip.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Long Labor day weekend

Well its Saturday and I spent a little time trying to clean my bedroom. Then off to the grocery store to by ribs to put on the grill. I got off work at 12:00 yesterday went to books-a-million brought eclipse by Stephenie Meyer on cd and I am listening to it right now. I had to rip out a dish cloth last night that I had been working on one that I had put down for weeks. I got a big tangle in the yarn. So I will need to try and untangle the rest of the ball. I am not use of what project to start. Picture of my Daughter, her friend Brent, and his Father.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yes its another dishcloth

Well tonight I am posting pictures of 2 dishcloths. Yes I am still on the Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth. I can't help it I am addicted to this dishcloth. It is easy and quick. I plan to start a different dishcloth this weekend since I have a nice long weekend coming. I have a scarf I want to start too. I have talked about starting this scarf before and just can't seem to get around to doing what I say I am going to do when it comes to projects I want to start. The colors used in the 2 dishcloths I am posting tonight are Holiday Stripes and Rosewood, of course it is Lily The Original Sugar' n Cream cotton yarn. I am almost finished with another dishcloth using mill ends cotton yarn I brought at A C Moore over a year ago. A C Moore stopped carrying mill ends I hate that because you could buy a big skein of yarn. No color listed on the yarn but that was okay you got the yarn at a good price.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Meet The Rams!!

Well I spent a very lovely afternoon at my daughter's school. It was meet the Rams day. We heard the band perform and the cheerleaders, and got to see the football team. It was hot but still nice. My daughter is the Captain on the red team cheerleader. Her friend is a wide receiver I think that's what the guy said while he was introducing the team. I am posting a picture of my daughter and then one of her and her friend. I got the chance to meet his parents today and they are very, very nice people. My daughter Kendra Rochelle Bruton, her friend Brent Thomas.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth are wonderful

Well it's Friday thank God and I know the weekend will pass all to fast but at least the weekend is here at last. I have finished another Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth. in Mistletoe a very pretty red,Green and white cotton. It is Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn. Once again I will tell you that this is the best pattern for a new knitter. You practice YO(yarn over), knit stitch and also increase and decrease. The practice will help you with future projects. It also offers instant gratification because you can start and finish a dishcloth in one day. This is the place to go to find the pattern for this dishcloth Dishcloths Boutique.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Just another marvelous Monday!

Well it's over another marvelous Monday. The cats are driving me crazy and my Mother is back from the beach. I may never see the beach again unless I win the lottery. I finished another dishcloth last night while trying to find something to watch on tv. The color is Painted Desert of course its Lily The Original Sugar ' n Cream.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Moving day is complete almost.

Well I helped my daughter get most of her things moved into her dorm. This is her senior year and they last time I will have to help her move into the dorm. She has a very nice room it is like a living in an apartment 4 girls will share the suite. 2 girls on one side of the kitchen living room area and 2 on the other side. They have their own bedrooms and they have to share the bathrooms they have one on each side. I thought she was moving into a room that just had a kitchenette and I forgot to take her pots. Oh well I will take them to her next Sunday. I have to go to meet the Rams, you get to see the Cheerleaders preform and see the football team. My daughter is caption of the red team this year. She has cheered for the last 3 years. I will need to take my camera with me and get a good picture to post. Yet another dish cloth I started and finished yesterday. I used Lily The Original Sugar 'n Cream 4 ply cotton yarn, color Jewels it has lots of pretty purples and blues.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth

I finished my Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth early this morning and then around noon today I weaved my ends and to a picture of the dishcloth. It is a great pattern and easy pattern and it knits up very quickly. I have already started another. I love ombre, self stripping , and variegated yarns. They make sure beautiful patterns. Well tomorrow is move in day at my daughter's dorm and I think today is move in day for my niece at hers I tried to call them today and I did not get an answer so I don't know if they just did not answer the phone or they are busy with moving things. I know what moving day means to me it means I have to struggle to get my daughters refrigerator in my car I have accomplished this more than one time so I know I can get it in the car. I am sure she will need her toaster oven.

Friday, August 15, 2008

New Moon

I am so happy that it is Friday and the weekend. It has been a long week. The only bright spot about today was the fact that it is payday. So for a few minutes I had a little money in my checking account. I paid a few bills and did something I should not have done and I brought a book on cd. New Moon, by Stephenie Meyer read by Ilyana Dadushin an unabridged production. I love to listen to books on cd. I read the book first but I just had to listen to someone read the book. It is very relaxing. I can knit while I listen. I have started a dish cloth tonight. Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth designer Unknown. I am using Lily The Original Sugar 'n Cream color Early American Ombre, the pattern states you can use either size 6 or 7 needles. I am using size 7 . It is going very well it is an easy pattern. It should knit up very quickly. Last weekend while listening to Twilight on cd the first book in the series by Stephenie Meyer New Moon is the second in the series. I knit a scarf I am posting a picture of the scarf. I used Lion brand thick and quick yarn I lost the band around the yarn so I can't remember the color. The model in picture is my friend Dorothea Vaughan.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Well we are almost half way through August and this is my first post of the month. I am a bad blogger. I have spent most of that time reading. First Holy Ghost Corner, by Michele Andrea Bowen and then the last book in the Twilight Series, Breaking Dawn, Stephenie Meyer. I have done some knitting still working on the #8 Slated Square dish cloth from Leisure Arts #3824 Kitchen Bright Dishcloths 10 knit designs. Its taking a while because I put it down to read and start a new dishcloth, Grid Pattern Dishcloth from I finished weaving the ends this afternoon. I started a new project early this morning while listening to Twilight on cd the first book of the Twilight Series. A scarf a Beginner's Garter Stitch Scarf, a free knitting pattern from . A very easy pattern. I am posting a picture of the Grid Pattern Dishcloth. It is Sunday night and I am not ready for a new work week. My daughter was home yesterday for a few hours we went to lunch at Rock-ola and we both ordered a drink wow still can't believe that I was able to order a drink in Asheboro. I have been wondering since Asheboro has liquor by the drink and can sale in restaurants does this mean grocery stores can sale beer and wine on Sunday can the restaurants sale mixed drinks? Does the city or county have to set up rules or is Asheboro like Randleman and no beer and wine sales allowed?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Alright everybody the results are in here in sunny Asheboro and all 4 referendums have passed!!!. Out of the 12,205 registered voters in the city of Asheboro 6,644 cast a ballot in the alcohol referendum 54.44% of the registered voters. On one hand it is good that so many people participated in the vote, and in another way it is very sad because more people participated in this vote than in the Primary and that election chose the 2 main candidates of the presidency of the United States! and I also think more people participated than they did in the local elections. I don't understand that part it is very important to stay informed and always vote. I hope all the first time voters will continue to vote and not stop with this one election. All that being said I am so happy that in a matter of weeks I wont have to go to Greensboro for a margarita when I can afford to go out to eat and can buy my wine at my local grocery store.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nothing going on here today.

Well I don't have much to say. I did not do to much this weekend no reading not a lot of knitting. I tried to fix my mistakes that I found in the dish cloth that I was knitting the #10 Shapely Diamond cloth from Leisure Arts #3824 Kitchen Bright Dishcloths 10 Knit Designs. It is not working out every single time I try to knit this cloth some where along the way something goes wrong this time I lost stitches and to many holes where the should not be in the pattern. So I ripped out the cloth and I will start it again another time. I cast on the #8 Slanted Squares cloth and we will see how that goes. I finished reading another book on last Thursday The Sweetgum Knit Lit Society, by Beth Pattillo I enjoyed the read. I hope there is a follow up book to this one it would be nice. I love a good series. Well it's Sunday afternoon again and I am not ready for another work week. I need a few days off and I have days off planned at the end of August. I have no plans to go anywhere no money to go but it will be good to have more than just a long weekend away from work.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Small town

Well another Sunday has rolled around all to fast and tomorrow is Monday back to work on Monday. While reading Book Page America's Book Review I discovered several things. In the Fall 2 books are coming out that I will buy and read the first Midnight by Sister Souljah comes out in October, and 2nd A Mercy by Toni Morrison out in November. These books should be very good reads. So this means I will have something to look forward to this Fall. The Summer Reading section has a book that I am interested in reading The Sweetgum Knit Lit Society by Beth Pattillo. Tuesday's payday so a trip to Books-A-Million after work to see if they have the book in stock. July 29th is a very important day here in Asheboro after 14 years finally the citizens of this City get a chance to vote for 1. on-premises and off premises sale of Malt beverages 2. for the on-premises sales of fortified wine 3. for the operation of ABC stores 4. for the sale of mixed beverages in hotels, restaurants, private clubs, community theaters, convention centers. I think I have all of that right. All I know is I hope all of this passes. I am ready for a few good restaurants, and I am tired of going to Randleman to buy my wine and beer. So it is a big deal here and of course the local paper is full of editorials on all the deaths that will be caused and the abuse families will suffer. If the referendum does not pass this time I will probably be in my sixties before we get another chance to vote. The people against who want the City to remain dry are planning a march the Sunday before the vote. Oh well if it does not pass I will have to keep driving to Randleman for my beer and wine and to Greensboro for a good restaurant. I did cast on a dishcloth yesterday posting a picture when its finished.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Reading again

Today I finished the 3rd book in the Twilight series, Eclipse , by Stephenie Meyer. It was another good read. The final book in the series goes on sale August 2, 2008. So far I can't get a good answer from my library on how long it will be before they get the book. I don't want to buy the hardcover when I have started purchasing the books in paperback. I am not sure I will be able to hold out for a library copy. I will go through Bella and Edward withdrawal in the next few days. I plan to go to the movie Twilight when it comes out in December. Well maybe just maybe I will finally case on another dishcloth tonight. I put my FOR sticker on my car today went by to get it after work. Why a FOR sticker here in Asheboro it is time to vote for Alcohol sales. The FOR represents voting for the future of Asheboro.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Still Reading

Well this weekend instead of knitting or crocheting I spent most of the day Saturday and all day Sunday reading the 2nd book in the Twilight series reading. I must say they are very good reads to me even if they are considered young adult read. In order to read the 2nd book in the series I had to buy the book I had it on hold at the library it is still on hold. I guess it would help if I told you the name of the book it is New Moon, by Stephenie Meyer. I finished the book late Sunday night or maybe Monday morning. I went to Books-a-Million on Monday and the 3rd book in the series is still in hard back. I feel that some book fairy must be looking out for me because after I sat in Books-a-Million and read almost 2 chapters I came home to check my status online at the library to see how much longer I would have to wait for the 3rd book and guess what it was waiting for pickup so I jumped up grabbed my pocket book and keys and off I went to the library. I had to make myself put the book down at 1:00 am this morning. Maybe this weekend I will cast on again. I will have a long wait for the 4th and I think final book in the series. Read, knit, crochet on.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Just a quick post to say I am still around and that I am thinking of yet another dishcloth to knit. I had started a dishcloth from Leisure Arts #3824 Kitchen Bright Dishcloths 10 knit designs. I had originally started the cloth on 06/27/2008 got off to a pretty good start but on 06/28/2008 as I sat in the Four Seasons Mall parking lot waiting on my daughter to arrive and listening to the Car Guys on 88.5 FM. I went off some how and could not fix my mess, so I had to rip it, rip it. I am not sure if I will start over tonight or later this week. I am reading twilight, by Stephenie Meyer I had never heard of this series of books until one day at work during my closed time(this time during the day that I don't have to do interviews for Food & Nutrition Assistance of see any clients of mine that come to drop off paper work, report changes, or ask a all important question. I think Diane Ream and I think I have that name right did and interview with Stephenie Meyer about her latest book in the series then again it could have been on a ride home and a totally different person. All I remember thinking is I need to check my local library. Tonight I plan to check to see which book is the next in the series. It is a book for pre-teens and teens. I figured if I could read the Harry Potter Series I can read this series. I am on page 322. So far do good it is about vampires and human girl who loves a teen vampire. I like the book and I plan to move on the next book in the series. 2 more days to go and I have a long weekend.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hot off the Needles

I just finished up another dishcloth. Double Eyelet Heart, Leisure Arts dishcloth from the heart, by Evelyn A. Clark. Great pattern and my first attempt at YO and SSK. I think I have a few hole in places that should not be in the pattern but over all a pretty good first try. I have cast on Shapely Diamond from Leisure Arts Kitchen Bright Dishcloths #3824 . I guess this dishcloth will be my weekend project.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Almost Done!

Double Eyelet Heart, I am almost finished with my dishcloth row 57. I will post a picture. We are getting a little rain. So far it is still raining and it has been a while since we have had a good rain on this side of Asheboro. I am happy about this because of my garden. I checked on the garden this afternoon and it looked so dry even though my Mother watered this morning. I did notice that I have a lot of cucumber growing and more blooms. The squash and zucchini have blooms and all of the container tomato's have blooms and very tiny tomato's on the vine. I hope my eggplant make it this year. One more day of work this week , June is almost over and July is about to begin. We are closed next Friday the 4th of July. I did not take any extra days off and now I am regretting that choice. I hear thunder in the background. I hope it rains for a while.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kit & Kaboodle Swap picture at last!

I received all the wonderful stuff you see in this picture from my swap partner over at crochetville. It is from the Kit & Kaboodle Swap. In this swap you have to pick a pattern for your partner and then provide all the materials your partner will need in order to complete the pattern. You have to share a little something with your swap partner what you like a pattern you have not tried the colors and types of yarn you use when knitting or crochet. I hope to post a picture of my next dish cloth soon. It is going pretty good it looks much better that my first attempt.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yarn Over & Slip Slip Knit

Well I have been working on a dish cloth this weekend and This dish cloth called for YO(yarn over) and SSK(slip,slip,knit). The pattern is from Leisure Arts dishcloths From The Heart, By Evelyn A. Clark. I started the first time on the 19th. Well today I went to and watched the video on yo and ssk. My first go round one side of the heart looked good but the other side did not it had holes where it should not have holes so I ripped that out and started over again and it looks better this time. The video's are very helpful and very easy to follow. So now I think I am on the right track with the dish cloth. I am finished row 15 and ready to start 16 I think I will wait until tomorrow night to continue. I think I will read a little while before I go to bed.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

In the Garden

This is from the Grape Tomato in the hanging basket in my deck.



On the left Squash and Zucchini

Just a few pictures of my garden. I have two types going on this year. Tomato's in containers and of course in the ground. This year after the garden was tilled I put down weed control plastic and so far so good the weeds are not as bad. The only problem now is no rain. I think almost two weekends ago it rained for maybe 10 minutes. My Mother called me today she is visiting her Sister and Mother in Candor (Montgomery Co) only 30 minutes away and she asked if it had rained I told her no rain and she told me they got rain and a thunderstorm. I can do without the thuderstorm but I wish it had rained. I had to water the garden tonight it took about an hour. It's not a large garden but I am trying not to let the water just run or use sprinklers to save water. I have lots of blooms on everything and a two cucumbers on a vine, I will post a picture of the little cucumber tomorrow I need to clear some pictures from my camera.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Knit & Purl Hearts

Just another dish cloth. #9 Knit & Purl Hearts from #3253 Leisure Arts dishcloths from the heart, by Evelyn A Clark. The materials needed for the project 100% Cotton Worsted Weight Yarn and size 8(5.00 mm) or size needed for gauge straight needles. I used size 7(4.5 mm) straight needles because I did not read the materials needed part before I started the dish cloth. My yarn color of choice Grape, yarn choice Lily The Original Sugar' n Creme. Well on to the next dish cloth.

Monday, June 16, 2008


I finished 2 dishcloths Sunday. One all I needed to do was weave my ends. The second I finished the last 11 row and weaved the ends. I found both patterns on Ravelry. Two of the members posted pictures of their dish cloths and access to free patterns on their blogs. The first cloth Two Hearts as One Dishcloth, by Cathy Waldie I used the Lily Sugar ' n Cream in Hot Pink, love the color. The second A Valentine Surprise by Kris I used Peaches & Creme in Yellow, love this color too its nice a bright. My next dishcloth I might start tonight is from Leisure Arts dishcloths FROM THE HEART, By Evelyn A. Clark Pattern #9 Knit & Purl Hearts after this I plan to force myself to knit a cloth with YO(yarn over) and SSK(slip,slip,knit) after knitting for a year I think it is time.