Saturday, March 31, 2012

National Crochet Month

The last day of National Crochet Month. Today I finished another Beth's Little Star Afghan. So I think I had a great  National Crochet Month. Six Hot Hats and two Beth's Little Star Afghan's. At this time I have three books that I have started reading this month.  Blue Collar Blues, Rosalyn McMillan, Running Around (and Such), Linda Byler it is the first book in the Lizzie Searches for Love series, and the fourth book in the  A Black Sheep Knitting Mystery Till Death Do Us Purl, Anne Canadeo. I think so far my reading, crafting, and blogging year is going so much better than last year. Well I brought two tickets yesterday for the big Mega Millions Lottery and of course I did not win. So all the life and soul sucking activities going on in my life will continue.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quick Update

Long day at work, then it was off to Zumba. I made the 5:15 session. It was rough and I could not keep up. The people who teach the sessions and the place you go is great but I really don't like Zumba. I hate exercise and I don't won't to participate. Due to certain circumstances my life or most of it is really not my own. So off to Zumba and exercise I go. I finished reading In the Company of My Sistahs, Angie Daniels. It was a very good read. I think I identified the the most with Kayla Sparks, or at least with her feelings of low self esteem and the choosing of the wrong man. Still working a Beth's Little Star Afghan for Crochet Month which is quickly winding down. Spent a great weekend with my daughter, she came home on Friday and left early Sunday afternoon. We watched movies, talked and ate. I did not cook we went out to eat and ordered take out.