Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Long Time Between Posts!

Well it has been a long time since my last post. I started getting a cold right after my last post and I have not felt very well since. The cough has been the worst part of the whole thing. A cough can keep you from getting a good night's sleep. Because I have been sick I missed working out all last week. I know the trainer's will think I am not serious about working out after this because I had just got started, and I have already missed over a week. It snowed yesterday in North Carolina and it has sleeted a little on and off today and at this moment we are getting what they said on the news tonight the last of the snow for our area. The ground is covered with snow and for our area this is saying something. I am not sure now many inches we got here today but it has remained below freezing all day today. So we will have this around for awhile. I am sure my trip to work will not be easy. I have spent the day watching t.v. and not knitting or crocheting. I have been looking for a pattern for a baby afghan. My daughter's best friend is having a baby in March and I want to make her an extra special afghan. Now I am listening to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on cd and on the Internet. I started the Little Lamb wash cloth it is from Leisure Arts #4352 baby washcloths To Knit, by Melissa Bergland Burnham. Once I am finished will knit the Stork and this will finish up the baby washcloths for my friend at work. I think I will knit them for my daughter's friend also. The washcloths knit up quickly and I love to the design develop row by row.