Sunday, September 28, 2008

No New Projects

Well I have spent most of the week reading and I finally cast on a dishcloth. I am still trying to conquer the #10 Shapely Diamond dishcloth from the #3824 Kitchen Bright Dishcloths 10 Knit Designs. I cast on again this weekend. I am currently reading a new Maggie Sefton knitting Mystery Dyer Consequences. I went to WSSU football game on Saturday. WSSU lost and I feel so bad for them. If you visit you tube and search for WSSU cheerleader then go to the video for MTV you can see the Red Team cheerleaders. I Think the video is great you can see the cheerleader and the band I think the color guard and dancers and pep squad.

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AlabamaGal said...

The cheerleaders are awesome! I watched all their videos. I love their routines. (So much energy and I love the dance moves.)I saw that they recently won a championship! Congratulations :) I would be going to see them if I lived close enough. I hope they win next time.

Have a great week!