Sunday, October 02, 2011

Farm Fest

Busy weekend most of the time on the weekends I go in my house and I don't emerge until Monday, with the exception of a quick trip to buy a Sunday paper. This weekend however was both Fall Festival and Farm Fest. So we made the trip down Old Liberty Road to Rising Meadow and The Goat Lady Dairy. At Rising Meadow they had music and several vendors selling yarn, fleece, soap, lots of things. Tinda Feir owner of Gate City Yarn in Greensboro NC was at Rising Meadow. It always surprises me that she remembers me and knows me by name. I have been in the shop several times and I took a sock class there a few years ago. I don't get to go visit the shop that often. I know it has been at least 2 years since I had the chance and the money to pay a visit. Also I am embarassed to visit because I never finished the second sock from the sock class. She was spinning yarn she is very good. The yarn was beautiful. The farm is beautiful. I brought lamb stew meat and wanted a leg of lamb but I could not buy both the stew meat leg of lamb and later buy goat cheese and The Goat Lady. Just not enough money in the budget. So after Rising Meadow we went to The Goat Lady they have a great garden, chicken, and of course the stars of the show the goats. Love tasting cheese. I brought two rounds of smoked and a spreadable cheese Triple Heat. Also brought hot sausage from Bradds Family Farm they had samples of their sausage and hamburger both sample tasted wonderful. I have a card and plan to buy again from them. I want to start buying more local meat and produce. The pork was Whey-Fed, and the Beef was Grass-fed. I am tired of buying beef, pork, and chicken at my local grocery store. If you look at the labels most of it has been injected with some kind of solution, if you have blood pressure problems I am sure meat injected with some type of solution does not help matters. The day was pretty good.