Monday, February 03, 2014


It is February and I am ready for the first day of Spring.  The last two Wednesday's in January we had weather related issue's. I know people think really! a dusting to a few inches of snow? but it is enough in the south to make things come to a stand still. I finally finished reading A Fatal Fleece, by Sally Goldenbaum  it was a great read it took so long because I have a hard time getting into my hobbies like I did a few years ago. However I still brought a copy of Betty Hechtman's lastest Crochet mystery made it to chapter 9 so far so good. Still working on the first in her new Yarn Retreat Mystery. I have a few more I am trying to work on also. I finally started the decrease on the back of my Aran sweater. It is slow going because I don't want to mess it up and have to rip out a lot. I have not worked on it in at least a week. Due to the weather last week's Wednesday knit night was canceled. Working on a few dishcloths for my daughter's friend.  Quick up date! Happy Crafting!