Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ready for Spring !

I am so ready for spring!!! I am tired of rain and snow. We had a snow storm Wednesday. Our agency closed at 1:00 it was a slow ride home. I might live 10 minutes away from my job and on Wednesday it to over 30 minutes to get home. People passed me because I was driving slow. When I took me to my home a car could not get up the slight incline another car was trying to get around him, I was thinking why are you trying to get around this man while his car is still moving and sliding around.  Finally he stopped moving and the person got around him, then it was my turn so I waited until this car stopped trying to move a very slowly made my way around him and off the exit. It took 25 minutes for me to make it to the turn off for my neighborhood. I was a very happy girl when I made it my driveway. I did not move my car again until 11:30 am today to go to work my office opened today at noon. Spent Wednesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon watching it snow and watching tv threw in some kitting.