Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Why It's Christmas Day! I hope everyone across the world that celebrates Christmas has a very Merry Christmas. I have had a great Christmas and weekend. My daughter and her boyfriend are now engaged Sunday morning before they went to church he asked her to marry him. She said yes of course and I will have a son soon. We had a great day at their house with family and friends. The only bad thing that happened was I dropped a lot of stitches on a baby afghan that I was almost finished with one that I have been working in since the early part of the year. I can't bring my self to rip it out. I really cant figure out how to fix my mess. This is not a hard pattern, I don't know why it has caused my so many problems. I was on the brink of finishing. Some of the stitches slipped off the needle while I was taking the afghan out of my project bag. I thought I had all the stitches picked up and place back on the needle but I did not and I screwed it up tried to pull that out and then dropped stitches. My last day off is tomorrow and It's back to work on Thursday, well at least it's only 2 days.