Friday, November 30, 2012

Another Check in!

Well here I go again, with another monthly post. I am  still reading A Fatal Fleece, by Sally Goldenbaum after starting the read and putting it down for a few months. I am letting go of my all Amish kick at least until the first of the year. I am knitting Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth's and Dandy Duck baby washcloths. Once again I fear that I have spent the entire year on beginner knitting and not progressed.  I have downloaded The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien through Audible to listen to in preparation for the movie coming out on December 14th. I read the book a long time ago while I was in High School. It was not a required reading I just thought it would make a good read.  When I was young and if I can remember correctly it was during either the Thanksgiving holiday days, an animated movie based on The Hobbit came on tv and I loved it. Last Sunday I meet a friend from work and went to see part two of Breaking Dawn, it was great and I think the best movie out of the series. Well that's it no crochet for the month of  November. I need to step it up and get back into my crochet and knitting habit.