Saturday, July 16, 2011

Boring Saturday Night

It is Saturday night and I am bored. I am watching Primetime with Diane Sawyer it is the interview she did with Jaycee Dugard. It is a sad story and I don't know how this young women did not go crazy. Such a strong person. My favorite show comes on at 10:00 48 Hours A Mystery so I will watch that show. Thinking about casting on a dishcloth. I was working on a dishcloth last night and I don't know what went wrong but I had to rip it out. Still reading A Stitch Before Dying, by Anne Canadeo. My Grandmother had to go to the hospital on Friday so today my daughter , her boyfriend, and my niece went to visit. She was upset and I am not sure she knew who I was and she thought my daughter was some woman from the nursing home. My Grandmother is 95 she has dementia so this is why she can remember some of the family and not other's. I love my Grandmother and my Sister and I grow up in the home with our Mother and our Grandmother but she was and still even at this stage of life is a hateful woman. I am not saying she did not love us because I know she did, she was and still is a hateful woman. It is distressing to see her in this condition. Growing old if you are not in good health can be a hard thing. I am not sure I want to live to be very old if quality of life is not good. So far things have not been the best as it is . My plans are to go to the movies tomorrow with my daughter to see the final Harry Potter movie. A few weeks ago I made a vegetarian lasagna I found recipe on the squash and zucchini take the place of the lasagna noodles. It was a great recipe and my Mother and Sister really enjoyed it. My daughter did not she said she missed the noodles. My sister said she liked it a lot and did not miss the meat. We are both big meat eater's and I did not miss the meat either.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Back To Work Today

Well I did not sleep very well last night thinking about the fact that I had to go back to work after a nice long week off. I enjoyed my week of sleeping and watching old movies on tv. I really need to start buying lottery tickets and pray for a little luck. Maybe I could win and be able to spend all my time reading, watching tv, knitting and crocheting. So when I got to work today I had a nice surprise my desk had been moved. This is due to the work being due on the heating and air conditioning system. I am happy about the change I feel better now that I am facing the door instead of having my back to the door. I have a lot of work to do to get caught up. So I will have to push myself this week. That is the trouble with taking time off the work you have to do when you get back. The tomato's in the garden are doing well, but this year I am not to sure about the Sweet One Hundred I have on the deck. It has grown a lot but leaves have stated to turn yellow and die still have tomato's coming and the vines are going a lot so I don't know what's going on. I still have 4 more Sweet One Hundreds so hopefully I will have cherry tomato's. Picture of our Whooper Tomato's. Still knitting dishcloth's and reading A Stitch Before Dying, by Anne Canadeo. A great easy read. It takes longer to read when you have to make room for work, knitting, blogging, cleaning, crochetville, and ravelry.