Saturday, August 05, 2006

A very long day.

I spent most of the day walking behind my daughter and niece's as they searched for clothes. They didn't find very much but they tried. We came home with a couple of shirts and jeans and 3 hermit crabs. I hope the hermit crabs live. The sand is wet in my daughters hermit crab cage and I don't think they like the wet sand but the sponge that came with the kit the crabs keep knocking it out of the shell so now the sand is wet. Crocheted on the way to Concord but not on the way back so I will spend most of the day tomorrow crocheting. Also another shopping trip this one to Greensboro. I will try again tonight to post a picture.

Friday, August 04, 2006

ITS FRIDAY !!!!!!!!!

Its Friday thank you, thank you, thank you. The work week is over and its the weekend!!!! I tried to post a picture last night but could not get it to download. I will try again today I am working on the baby afghan only 6 days to finish. I am a little nerves about this because I am selling it to someone and I am new to crochet and I hope that my afghan will hold up and she wont regret buying from me. I am so glad I learned to crochet it is a very good stress reducer. You really feel as if you are accomplishing something with each round that you add to your project. The heat is on its hot, hot, hot. I will work in my projects for this months exchanges. Well I am not sure whats going on but I cant get my pictures to download so I will not be able to post a picture not sure what I am doing wrong.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

HUMPDAY !!!!!!!

Well its humped two more days to go and it is the weekend baby!!!!. Well another hard day at work, each and everyday that I go to work I feel that I earn my keep as far a work goes the phone rang off the hook today. The struggle continues each and everyday for so many of the citizens of Randolph County, so many job loses. When I first moved to Randolph 19 years ago you could quit one job if you wanted to and find another the next day! And as some of the supervisor's use to tell us in the factories I use to work in we can find someone to replace you these jobs are a dime a dozen. This was indeed the case, this is true no longer so many factories have closed and jobs that are above minimum wage are to hard to find. I don't know if anyone else in Randolph County has notice but it seems to me the number of people with a good education seems to have dropped. So many of the people I come across have never finished high school and I think this is going to present a problem in the not to distant future. As I said at the being so many people are struggling it is hard to keep up with the demand. Well on to crochet I did a little crochet last night on the star afhan that I am working, I am on round 9, so far so good. When this afghan is finished I plan to start another star in very bright colors. Love, love bright. colors.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I need to crochet

I have only worked the first 6 rounds of the baby afghan I am working. So tonight for just a little while I will work on a few more rows, tonight is color change night, I hope it goes well this is my first star afghan and it is for someone else not me or a member of the family. So I have no pictures to post tonight. After work today I felt like I had already put in 40 hours and its only been 16 hours three day to go before the weekend. I did it once again I joined 3 exchanges through the atmyhouse crochet group. I have no will power I had planned to sit this month out but couldn't pass over a chance to exchange. It's very nice to get something in the mail other than bills, bills and more bills. Off to crochet.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another Sunday Night

Well once again it is Sunday night. Wow the weekend passes by so quickly. Here I am again dreading Monday all over again. I will repeat again that I am thankful to have a job, I just enjoy my leisure time more than I enjoy my time on the job. I have a stressful job. Last night I posted that I have plans to make a 5 point granny square for a baby afghan well I have changed my mine. I started a different afghan it is Beth's Little Star Afghan it is by Beth Parsons. So far so good I am on rounds 6. Its time to change colors and I need to seek advice from Beth. So I plan to go to her site and ask a few questions I have only two weeks to finish this afghan because that's all the time my daughter has left at her summer job. Time passes by very quickly at least to me but not to my daughter. I think she has been read to go back to school since she came home in May. On Friday tax free weekend will begin and on Saturday we have plans to go to Concord to do lots of shopping, before she leaves we will make the annual trip to Costco. I am posting a picture of the first 6 rows in the baby afghan. I am working for the lady on my daughters job.