Saturday, July 08, 2006

It's Saturday I love the weekend

Well It's Saturday I got up this morning and made my way to the Post Office to mail my granny square exchange to my partner for the month. I forgot to take a picture of my exchange so that I could show it after I get word from my partner that she has received her "puffy" that's what the packages are called in the group. I am now working on the dishcloths to send to my partner in that exchange and tomorrow I will start the potholders, dishcloths and potholders don't take long to make just started the first dishcloth today at the mall while I waited for my daughter to get her hair done at Regis in Greensboro. I talked to a very nice lady and her husband as the sat and rested from their shopping. I like to people watch at the mall. I went to the Hobby Lobby in Greensboro and I discovered that I really like the colors in Busy Bee yarn the Baby Bee Sweet Delight Baby yarn it is expensive yarn over $5.00 per skein but they have beautiful colors fro light pastels to bright. In my mind I could see a round ripple or start afghan made from the very bright colors I was today. I received on Friday in the July dishcloth exchange two very pretty dishcloths, a pattern book for knit and crochet shampoo samples and a pencil case a nice note from my exchange partner Joye Summers from Tennessee . I have been searching for months for something to keep my crochet hooks in but until Joye sent a pencil case to me and explalined that she used one for her needs I would have never thought about using a pencil case. I am a little slow sometimes. Well I must get back to my dishcloth. I will post a picture of what I received from Joye tomorrow.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Its Thursday night one granny square done.

Well I spent a lovely 4th drinking and eating. I made Shish-Kebobs first time I have every made them I most say I was impressed very good. I found the recipe on it is called Geissler's Beef Kabobs, I used beef,chicken and shrimp for the meats and squash, zucchini,mushrooms, yellow and red bell pepper,red onion. I cant wait to try them again. I have started my next projects I belong to a yahoo group I am involved in 3 of the exchanges, I really like them you get very nice thing from different people I wish the group had a chat room. I have started my granny squares that I plan to send on Saturday my partner for the granny square exchange this month lives in Germany so I need to send early. I am looking in my 200 Crochet blockers for blankets, throws and afghans cant decide which one to do decisions, decisions. Once my partner has received I will post a picture. Tomorrow I am off to AC Moore again they are having a sidewalk sale, it was rained out today. planning to make dishclothes for my family as Christmas gifts so I need to buy the yarn and get started. Also I need to find the yarn a baby blanket as stated in a previous post a friend is having a baby and I want to make a blanket. I have changed my mine about the pattern and the color mainly because I cant find any yellow in the Red Heart Yarn sport weight baby soft yarn I want to use so I plan to find a nice soft variegated yarn and use a different pattern it is called progressive afghan I think cant remember the site but I saved it on Yahoo so I will be able to find it when I need and get the yarn. Big Brother is on and so far only two of the people I voted for have made it in the house. Well three more of the people I voted for made it into the house Marcellas and Danielle also chicken George also all the people that I think are the most argument I think I am the best thing since sliced bread people I have every seen. We shall see what happens. Well on to watching Big Brother and crochet.

Monday, July 03, 2006


I finished my Grandmother's afghan today. It took a month for me to make. I didn't work on it everyday so that might be one of the reasons it took so long. The afghan is a rectangle granny the pattern was posted by Erin Lindsey and can be found on her blog, she wrote the pattern and not only that she put pictures of how to get started, how to change colors this is very helpful for those of us who are new to crochet and need a visual so they can understand. So I give many thanks to Erin Lindsey for sharing a very nice pattern. I found out about this pattern at . Now its on to my next Project.