Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back at work

Well Monday marked my first day of work in the new year. It was hard, it was Monday and Monday is always hard. Today was another very busy day and I was so glad to see 5:00. So far no reading or knitting. I have no pictures to post or any updates on my projects. I just wanted to check in today. Happy crafting.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Another quick post

Okay my long weekend is over back to work tomorrow. I know the day will be long Monday's are always long. Very grateful to have a job and I hope to continue my employment. I would like to state again that I really enjoyed my read of Dead Men Don't Crochet, by Betty Hechtman. I love a mystery even though it takes me forever to figure out who done it. I won't to go in record that I am on team Barry. I hope the next book will come soon. It is soon nice that the books come out in paperback and or so affordable. I knit a few rows on my Christmas Carol Scarf and spent time reading the secret life of a knitter Yarn Harlot, by Stephanie Pearl- Mcphee. Happy crafting.