Saturday, August 30, 2008

Long Labor day weekend

Well its Saturday and I spent a little time trying to clean my bedroom. Then off to the grocery store to by ribs to put on the grill. I got off work at 12:00 yesterday went to books-a-million brought eclipse by Stephenie Meyer on cd and I am listening to it right now. I had to rip out a dish cloth last night that I had been working on one that I had put down for weeks. I got a big tangle in the yarn. So I will need to try and untangle the rest of the ball. I am not use of what project to start. Picture of my Daughter, her friend Brent, and his Father.


Lesalicious said...

OOooo Yummy ribs. Have a great Labor day weekend. Take care.

Ria said...

Love ribs too! I made pulled pork on the grill. Your daughter is gorgeous! Enjoy your long weekend, I have to work monday:(

Matt said...

keep me posted on the wings/beer at sherwood... I haven't had their wings before, but I'm always looking for somewhere that offers them.

I recently tried some at the roadhouse and was happily shocked at how they turned out.