Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nice long weekend over it's Sunday night.

Well for the first time since 2006 I have had 5 whole days off work. I took Wednesday off and the office was closed on Thursday and Friday. I spent some very nice Mother, Daughter bonding time on Wednesday putting net lights on the azalea bushes and staking inflatables in the yard. Later in the week I promise to post a picture of the inflatable Grinch. I know they are outdoor decorations but I don't think they work well in the rain. I plugged them in today and the Grinch did not look like he would stay lite so I unplugged everyone and I will wait until later in the week when they dry out. Final finished knitting my Filippi Scarf and binding off all I need to do now is weave the ends. I am ready to cast on a second Filippi Scarf I might to that tonight. I did not spend to much time knitting this weekend like I had planned to do. Thursday had dinner with the family and watched Yours mine and ours on TMC with my daughter Thursday night. Went to see Twilight with my daughter and 2 of her friend Friday afternoon and on Friday night had leftovers at my sisters house and watched A Christmas Carol the Alastair Sim version. My favorite and on an off on Saturday I watched the Planet of the Apes marathon and started reading Knit Two, by Kate Jacobs it is the sequel to A Friday Night Knitting Club. No Black Friday shopping no money had to pay the mortgage. I wish you could get one month out of the year that you did not have to pay any bills. I am posting a picture of my daughter from the Night she was pinned she is Alpha Kappa Alpha the Gamma Lambda Chapter at Winston Salem State University. I did not go to the pinning but I did attend probate last Sunday night. I will post a picture of her from that night later in the week.