Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Weekend

Well my long weekend started Thursday night.  I had to request Friday off from my job so that I could take my Daughter to the airport. My daughter is in an MBA program at  North Carolina State University  and the had to participate in an international studies program.  So she's spending one week in China. She told me she needed to post to a blog while she's in China. The blog  The class will get the chance to visit several businesses in China and I think attend classes in China. She called me around 1:00 am today to let me know she had arrived in China. I wish I was in China also, I feel like this is a once in a lifetime trip. This week I resumed Zumba because I need to exercise. I hate Zumba I am not good at it. I will continue to go however because I need to exercise. I need to lose weight and get my blood pressure under control. I finished reading The Cat, The Wife And The Weapon  look what the cat dragged in. by  Leann Sweeney. Loved the read it was the first book in the A Cat In Trouble Mystery that I have read.  Still working on the Diagonal Comfort Blanket  it is a free pattern you can find on Lionbrand. It is a very easy pattern but I have had to start the pattern I think 5 times to get it right.  After  the fourth row you repeat the the fourth row over and over again until you have 160 stitches on you needles. Then decrease until you have five stitches. I feel like I had to start over so many times because if you are not careful you can get careless. We are deep into Spring and hot weather here in North Carolina. We have planted five different  heirloom tomatoes We plan to add to the garden in the next few weeks. Happy crafting and gardening.