Saturday, October 24, 2009

Two UFO Complete

Today I completed 2 crochet UFO'S one scarf and one afghan. The scarf is from Stitch 'N bitch crochet the Happy Hooker, page 101 one -skein scarf, by Denise Cozzitorto and one afghan from Leisure Arts #824 Quick Crochet Afghans Book 3, by Linda Luder. On Friday I started a crochet scarf that I found on Youtube, so far I have 18 rows due, the pattern is written by Teresa Richardson. Okay if you are a yarn snob beware I used acrylic for one of my projects. I am sorry but you have to do what you have to do. I really have and acrylic budget. The scarf was done in 100% wool Patons Classic Merino Wool for the finished project. Red Heart for the afghan and for the scarf I started on Friday. Your weekend really goes by to fast it is Saturday night and my weekend is almost over.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Midweek Surprise

Well another long day at work came to a nice end, when I got home today I had a surprise in the mail . My October dishcloth swap partner package arrived. I will send mine package on Saturday. Two beautiful dishcloths in great colors and a postcard. On knit or crochet today. Still reading the latest knitting mystery by Sally Goldenbaum. Two more day's to go and my weekend will begin. Yes this weekend I will pick up the needles again and add a few more row's to my sock. Then start a shell crochet scarf there is a great crochet scarf pattern on YouTube. I really would like to give it a try. I have enough RedHeart to crochet several scarves in that pattern. I know, I know acrylic! please don't hate. I have an acrylic budget when you earn less that $35,000 per yarn you can't buy good yarn all the time. You have to compromise. Maybe once or twice a year I have the chance to buy good yarn. If it is on discount because no one wants that brand or if I am lucky enough to get a tax refund. The picture is of the dishcolths I received from my swap partner.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another Podcast Tuesday

Things started out a little rocky tonight trying to get started listening to lion brands pod cast. I had to restart my computer once because the first time I turned on the computer the Internet would not connect. I think it is my computer it needs a little work. I brought it in 2005 and because of downloads and other things it runs very slowly. I need to add some memory and get it cleaned up. So it was a good podcast about cold weather knitting. Idea's for shawls, afghans and socks. While listening to the podcast I added 4 rows to the last 12 rows of the afghan, only 4 rows left. Then I need to weave the rest of my ends I have been weaving ends as I go so it wont be that bad to finish the last few rows. I might take it to work tomorrow to show to my friends. Still reading Patterns in the Sand, by Sally Goldenbaum. So far a great read that is in my opinion I like easy reads. I also read While My Pretty One Knits, by Anne Canadeo this month another good read again just my opinion. Love mysteries but very bad at figuring out who dun it? Love the cool nights and trying very hard not to turn on the heat until November. Still trying to decide which dishcloth to send to my swap partner. Last day to send off is the 24th.