Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finally finished this afghan!

This month I finally finished an afghan I started in 2006 , I know it has been a long time coming. Well at least I made it! The pictures I plan to post are not very good. I don't know it is something about red and my camera that just does not mix. You really can't see the details of the afghan that well. I am reading two different books the first More Church Folks, by Michele Andrea Bowen and the second needles and pearls, by Gil Mcneil. Both are sequels to previous books. I have not spent anytime knitting lately. I need to pick the needles back up and soon. My Mother wants me to knit some dishcloths for her friends. I need to pick a quick easy pattern. I think maybe the feather and fan or grandmother favorite. It depends on the colors she wants to use. My daughter needs several afghans made for friends at work and her line sisters. I can't make up my mind which pattern to use. I have ripped out an afghan twice because I can't get the ripples to line up. According to the stitch diagram the double crochet 3 stitches in the same stitch and the double crochet 3 together need to line up and mine just wont line up. The pattern is from the special issue crochet today! that came out earlier this year. Another work week is about to start and the 11th month of the year. Wow time passes so fast I can't believe another year is almost over. I am behind on my blogging this year I wanted to have more post this year than I did last year. So I need to post more in November and December if I want to reach my goal.