Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sunny day!

Well after I finally got out of bed. I got dressed and spent some time in the yard picking up sticks and branches. I raked some leaves. I must say having a yard is to much work. I plan to get up tomorrow and plant a few vegetable seeds to put in the garden. I hope my brother in law will be able to till my garden spot by the first weekend in May. I have a mystery plant growing in a container , my Mother thinks it is garlic, but I don't remember planting garlic in the container. It looks great and it does smell like garlic. We shall see what happens. I cleaned the weeds and leaves away from the deck and I my daisies, black eyed Susan, and lilies are coming back. I have a four day work week starting on Monday. Still working the Large Heart dishcloth, from Leisure Arts dishcloths from the heart #3253. So far so good with the dishcloth. The night is long and lonely. Craft on!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Well it is April Fool's day. The first day of April. I had a long hard day. I finished another dishcloth today and cast on a dishcloth. I finished Nine Hearts from Leisure Arts #3253 dishcloths from the hearts by Evelyn A. Clark. I use Lily Sugar' N Cream , Hot Green. I cast on Large Heart from the same book . Only 2 days to go for the work week. Craft on!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Friday night my Mother, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, and I attend an Induction Ceremony and Banquet at Winston-Salem State University. It was for the School of Business & Economics. It is an honor society that service Business Programs accredited by AASB international. My daughter was inducted and received was the recipient of the Blue & Gold cord. Her friend Ginnerfra Daniels who served as the Vice President also was a recipient of the Blue & Gold cord. The dinner music and speaker was wonderful and we had a great time. I have a picture but it is not very good a little dark. Spent most of the day yesterday working on my bedroom it really needs a good cleaning. I discovered over the last 2 weekends that I have a lot of cotton yarn. Most of it scrap yarn from previous dishcloths. Some new skeins and some very large skeins from mill ends. Lot's of sugar 'n cream, Peaches & creme, Bernat and, a little I love this cotton. Some of the balls are to small for a dishcloth. So I am not sure what kind of project I can do with all these little balls. Maybe a grocery bag. If I can find an easy pattern. Well still no word on when the sock class will start. I hope soon. Sock knitting is one of my goals for the year, along with circular needles, and cables.