Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Busy Bees!

Do you see the busy bees! it would be very nice to say that I have been as busy as the Bees! It goes with out saying that the Bees completed their tasks for the day. This does not appear to be true for me and my projects. Spent time reading and knitting this weekend a long weekend did some work on my bedroom, but it was not enough. I finished a dishcloth that I had planned to give to my Aunt's friend but the bind off was messy and I am not sure when I weave the ends if I can fix the messy bind off so this dishcloth will stay with me. I did finish another dishcloth for my dishcloths r US swap partner only need to weave the ends. My Aunt Patricia brought a pretty bag today when she picked up my Mother I will use it for a new knitting project. The knit clinic on Friday really went well and the screw up on the long awaited sock was fixed and the sock is back on track. On day in the not to distant future I will be able to visit Gate City Yarns this is a self imposed exile. Still reading Skein of the Crime, by Maggie Sefton. Common Threads yarn shop has lots of exciting workshops set for the summer. I hope I can attend some of them, I set reminders for the work shops and I really would love to attend this month and next month's scarf of the month workshops. Posting a picture of a very busy bee visiting the Phlox around my deck!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Independence Day!

It's the fourth of July and we really enjoyed the day. We watched old movies on TMC, put ribs, steak, chicken, and corn on the grill. Then we drove to Archdale to see fireworks. The city I live in did not have fireworks and they have not for the last few years. Asheboro is such a dull city. One day when I Win the lottery I will be able to leave move to a better city. So no reading knitting or crochet today. We have enough food left so no cooking tomorrow. No work tomorrow and I have a vacation day on Tuesday so I am so happy only three days of work next week. Happy Birthday to the USA!