Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vacation over back to work tomorrow.

Well I my Christmas vacation was wonderful. I did a little knitting, reading and shopping. Spent time with my daughter. My daughter spent the afternoon her with me and her grandmother. It was nice to have her home. During the school year she is very busy with classes , cheer leading, working and of course her boyfriend. I have a hard 2 days ahead of me this week. I need to get all my cases processed so I can take Wednesday off work the office is closed on New Year's Day. I have asked for New Year's Eve off work a who wants to go back to work on Friday after having Thursday off so I requested Friday off too. I have both days off but if I can't get finished with my cases I might have to work at least half a day on Wednesday. So far no knitting today might knit a few rows tonight. Happy crafting.

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