Saturday, October 28, 2006

A visit to A.C. Moore

Paid a visit to A.C. Moore today and brought more cotton yarn and a Leisure Arts crochet book dishcloths. I have 16 dishcloths to go and I don't want to use the same 2 patterns over and over so I now have 16 designs to choose from to finish my dishcloth project. I will start on another set tonight. We went to Costco today too and I really love the place but I can tell that prices are going up even in Costco, the last time I brought a 5 liter bottle of Olive Oil it was about $19.95 or so and now its $25.00 it is still a good price when you consider the fact that less than a liter can cost $6.95 and up in the grocery store. Still we brought some very nice Salmon fillets and Catfish. The next time I go I am going to get a leg of lamb, I really like lamb. I have kept to my promise and I have not worked on my Crochet Lace Shells Afghan or Crazy Stitch Afghan. The Crazy stitch is 95% finished and Crochet Lace Shells 50% but since they are not gifts I can finish them anytime. I hope Hobby Lobby has a 40% off any one item so that I can start buying the yarn for my next afghan project. The project I want to start calls for TLC Essentials 9 skeins by Coats & Clark this yarn at Hobby Lobby is $2.99 per skein so it would take 9 trips to the store, you can only use the coupon one time a day. This means that it will take 2 month's I think to get the yarn because I don't think Hobby Lobby runs the coupon but once a month. I wish it was 40% off you purchase price. I think they would sale a lot more if people could get 40% off the entire purchase. Well off to make another dishcloth. Happy Crocheting and Knitting.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Crochet Tonight

Thursday night and I went to my final crochet class, I really enjoyed the classes. I can't wait until next year to see how things go with the crochet group. I took a picture of the class and will post it later. I have finally found the two magazine's I was looking for and both of them of course have great projects that I wish I could start right now. I have one more dishcloth done so only 17 to go. I am so happy that tomorrow is Friday I really need the weekend. I finished a granny square tonight in class that I started months ago and I did not understand the 8th row, so I asked my instructor tonight and when she explained it to me it made sense and I was able to finish the square its just a practice square but it is a pretty square and I think it would make a nice afghan, by using it as the center and crocheting around it or making several square's an putting stitching them together. Happy Crocheting and Knitting.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Christmas in October Crochet

2 dishcloths done and 18 more to go and do you know what? I have spent the night on the computer checking my email and visiting one of my favorite places to visit I love to read the post and see all the beautiful work that all the ladies produce. I brought a new crochet book tonight at Books-A-Million Hooked Scarves 20 Easy Crochet Projects by Margaret Hubert while I should be asleep I will be looking through this book. I really need to be spending my time working on the 18 dishcloths I still have to crochet. I will do much better tomorrow I promise. I tried to figure out how to add buttons and links to my page but oh no I could not figure it out I am not the worlds best when it comes to blogs I wish it could be made easier. I would like to put a button for crochetville, and my page on 360, and likes to other blogs, and crochet pattern sites. I wish blogger would make it as easy as posting a picture I don't know how to get the right codes, and I don't know how to add counter, calendars, or clocks so I can't add any interest to my blog. Well happy Crocheting and Knitting everybody.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rainy Sunday Afternoon

You know some day's I don't know why I try to do anything, I am going to have to start saving my post before I try and post a picture, I just lost my entire post and it was a long one and I really don't feel like typing all of that over again. So I will try an hit the highlights, I had my day's confused and last Thursday was not my last crochet class, I have one more class this Thursday and I plan to take a picture of the class on Thursday with the $7.95 35mm camera I brought at CVS I hope the pictures will be clearer I can have the developed and scan them onto my computer. It's the best I can do for now maybe one day I can buy a digital camera. A few month's ago I brought a leaflet on Ebay Broomstick Lace for the Little Folks by Boye a vintage leaflet that's how I lost my previous post trying to add a picture to show. I need someone to show my how to do the stitch can't figure it out from the instruction and the pictures in a crochet book I have just don't seem to help. I will try again to post the picture. I plan to make myself work on the dishcloths and potholder that my mother and I are giving for Christmas, I really wish I had not let her talk me into this, I like to crochet but I hate to feel like I have to do something but since she paid for the yarn I will have to do the gifts. This is the first and the last time. If I make anything again it will just be a random thing or maybe just maybe afghans. If I can start them at the first of the year and work on them all year long. I am making great progress on the Crochet Lace Shells Afghan I talked about in my previous post but no work on it today unless I have made at least 3 dishcloths.