Sunday, August 10, 2008


Well we are almost half way through August and this is my first post of the month. I am a bad blogger. I have spent most of that time reading. First Holy Ghost Corner, by Michele Andrea Bowen and then the last book in the Twilight Series, Breaking Dawn, Stephenie Meyer. I have done some knitting still working on the #8 Slated Square dish cloth from Leisure Arts #3824 Kitchen Bright Dishcloths 10 knit designs. Its taking a while because I put it down to read and start a new dishcloth, Grid Pattern Dishcloth from I finished weaving the ends this afternoon. I started a new project early this morning while listening to Twilight on cd the first book of the Twilight Series. A scarf a Beginner's Garter Stitch Scarf, a free knitting pattern from . A very easy pattern. I am posting a picture of the Grid Pattern Dishcloth. It is Sunday night and I am not ready for a new work week. My daughter was home yesterday for a few hours we went to lunch at Rock-ola and we both ordered a drink wow still can't believe that I was able to order a drink in Asheboro. I have been wondering since Asheboro has liquor by the drink and can sale in restaurants does this mean grocery stores can sale beer and wine on Sunday can the restaurants sale mixed drinks? Does the city or county have to set up rules or is Asheboro like Randleman and no beer and wine sales allowed?


The Frizzy Hooker said...

In my state, it is on the ballot to permit a business to sell on sundays.

Matt said...

sunday sales are legal. the ABC stores won't be open on sundays, but restaurants can sell anything after noon (I believe that's the right time), and then stores can sale beer and wine after the same time.. if memory recalls.