Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year

It's the New Year!!! and I am trying to stay positive and not get depressed on the first day of the year. We just finished the traditional New Years Day meal. My sister, her husband and their children. It is also my sister and her husbands anniversary, they have been married 26 years today. So no reading crochet or knitting today. My sister and the the girls just left. We had a champagne. It turned out to be a pretty good day. I did not get anything done in my bedroom, my plan was to clean my room. I did get some of the recycling out of the room and most of my towels washed. I think I will settle down and read tonight.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Only A Few Hours Left

It seems so strange to my that we have only a few hours left before 2010 comes to an end. Every year I like to look back and see how things went for the year. One good thing I still have my job, and I am not homeless. The first half of the year I was very good about going to the gym but after June things went down hill and I did not go as much. I did not make it at all this month. I received my letter about renewing my membership this week. I think I will renew and make myself go I need to lose weight and get healthy. I have lost some weight I think? If I have my calculations correct I have read 22 books and 11 have been yarn, knit, or crochet related. My knit and crochet remain about the same. Could be better than I think. If I have my totals correct I have knit 34 dishcloths, 11 baby washcloths, 4 scarves. On the crochet front half a scarf, 2 star afghan, 1 shell afghan. Sadly the socks that I have been attempting to finish since I took a sock class in 2009 did not make it off the UFO list. Well it could happen next year. A few road trips. 1 two see a waterfall, a great flea market/vegetable market. 2 open barns. I got the chance to pet an Alpaca and a llama. So not a bad year still no more money than I had last year, we will see what happens in the new year. A bottle of champagne in the refrigerator waiting for the ball to drop.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another Wonderful Long Weekend

Today was a very long day and it marked the end of my working year. You know a person can get use to a three day work week and get paid for five. This week and last week. My daughter thinks I should keep the scarf the same. This is just a quick post to tell everybody to have a great weekend and a happy New Year. Tomorrow I will post my crafting year in review.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last Tuesday of The Year

Well we had a 2 hour delay due to the weather and the office opened at 10:00 am. Even with the late start it was a very long day. I had afternoon inquiry, this means any client with questions about their case can come in and ask and it is your job as the inquiry person to try and answer the question. It was a very steady stream of people this afternoon. So I was very busy and I did not get a case processed. So tomorrow morning and for the rest of the day I have to try and get cases opened and some cases processed. Only two processing day's left in the year. Still working on the new scarf but I am thinking about ripping it out. I have four row's per color and the pattern only has two. I think maybe the scarf would look better with two rows of each color. Maybe I'll wait until my Daughter comes through if she does over the weekend to ask her what she thinks. This is what I love about North Carolina weather snow this past weekend and almost 60 degrees this coming weekend! I finally finished and gave Karen her scarf a few weeks ago. Karen my friend at work gave Cece to Kendra. I wanted to give her a scarf an because I am lazy it took a while for me to finish the scarf. I am posting a picture of Karen modeling the scarf. The picture really does not show the details of the scarf very well, but it is the best I could get. The pattern is from Crazy Aunt Purls Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair by Lori Perry. It is the Magic Scarf. The yarn is Patons Classic Wool the color Gray.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The long weekend is over.

I have had a nice long weekend. It is coming to a close. It is back to work tomorrow but only for 3 days. I dread tomorrow because the office was closed on Friday and on Monday so people will come into the office tomorrow in large number's I am trying to prepare myself. Most of the time I get these days off. This year I lost my mind and did not ask in time to get the days off. Next year I won't let this happen again. Slept late today then made my way to Sally's Beauty Supply to get a new blow dryer, and hair roller. I am trying to go natural, note the word try. Maybe I should say semi natural . This means I am trying to grow out my relaxer, I have not had a relaxer since I think May or June? This means my hair has not been straighten with chemicals since then. I did start letting my Mother straighten my hair with a pressing comb in October this is why I say I am going semi natural. Natural would mean leaving my hair kinky. the ease of care depends on how easy it is to take care of your hair. So after I washed my hair I gave my self a deep conditioning treatment then my Mother blow dried and pressed my hair. This is a form of straighting the hair. This means you use a pressing oil and a hot comb to straighten the hair. If you are interested in the process you might be able to look it up on YouTube I am not sure. I added a few rows to my scarf today and I plan to read a little tonight right before bed. I am posting a picture of my Daughter trying to knit a dishcloth. She would not look up so I could get a good shoot of her face. Only 5 days left until the new year.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After Christmas

Well it was a lovely day after Christmas. Last night we watched it snow late into the morning. Around 2:30 we went to bed. I think later on it started to snow again. I received a 5:00am call from my daughter she was coming back from taking her boyfriend to work we had a conversation about her drive and then off the phone. Slept late got up and made my way to the store. I could tell that it had continued to snow during the night. So all the grass was covered with snow when I got up this morning, that is good for my little corner of North Carolina. It was the first time in a very long time that it has snowed in NC on Christmas Day. Today the snow continued for a few hours after 12:00 the roads are clear and I don't think people will have any problems traveling. I am so happy that our office is closed tomorrow. So only a 3 day work week ahead. Our office is closed on Friday for New Years Day. I cast on a scarf yesterday. My Daughter gave me some yarn from Lionbrand Hometown USA the pattern is on the back to the yarn band. It is a ribbed scarf. She gave me 2 skeins of Monterey Lime and 2 Detroit Blue. I think this will make a great scarf! . I am posting a picture of the Christmas Snow. It is the first Christmas Snow in a very long time.