Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cotton Yarn Stash

This weekend I spent time going through my Cotton yarn stash. When you spend a lot of time knitting dish cloths you have a lot of left over yarn. This weekend I spent a lot of time rolling left over yarn into balls. My goal for this year is to not buy any cotton yarn. I think some of my left over yarn can be used to crochet Hot Hats and potholders. Another plan is to knit or crochet grocery bags. Still reading Behind the Seams, by Betty Hechtman. So far a very good read and I am sure I will enjoy it to the very end. So far no knitting, crochet, or reading today. My Daughter was here yesterday for a visit. She wanted to try cooking Chicken Marsala. She loves the Chicken Marsala at Olive Garden. So she brought half the ingredients and we brought half. She found the recipe online. You need to give yourself a lot of preparation time. Chopping and slicing. My Daughter was not pleased with the final product. She did not like the sauce. She felt like the dish had to much Marsala wine. So I told her maybe she should consider reducing the amount of wine. I liked the sauce myself. I hope she will give the recipe another try or find another recipe. Really enjoyed the time spent in the kitchen with my daughter and our time spent together. I crocheted two potholders for my Daughter and forgot to take pictures of the potholders. I have another potholder almost finished. Plan to start another tonight. The potholder are for my Daughter. After the potholders the plan is to crochet as many Hot Hats as I can out of my cotton yarn stash as I can. Yarn stash picture to follow. Happy crafting.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back to Crochet

Another calm quite weekend alone has come to a close. My Mother is back from visiting her Sister and her Mother, my Niece is here so she can have someone to watch American Idol with. That's me I love American Idol. So far it has been okay I think they need to show a few more of the bad and the crazy people. That part had a lot of entertainment value to me. I finished reading The Wedding Shawl by Sally Goldenbaum. I enjoyed The Wedding Shawl it had a great ending and I was shocked and would have never been able to guess the killer. I started reading Behind the Seams by Betty Hechtman. I am 36 pages into the book and I have missed all the characters. The description of the clothes Adele wears is wonderful. If you are not familiar with with this series of books, they are crochet mysteries, and you should start with the first in the series. Hooked On Murder. If you love a great cozy mystery you will enjoy this series. I enjoy the cozy murder mysteries because I am not a CSI person. I don't want all the gory details. I ripped out my knitting project it was a heart dish cloth what else that is all I seem to knit. Started and finished a crochet project. I crocheted a Hot Hat it is basically a pot holder for pot tops. The Hot Hats are very easy to crochet and can be worked up very quickly and easily. The only problem for me was adding the little tie. The pattern states add the tie on the 5th round, I did not mark my 5th round and I am not sure I weaved the tie in the correct round. It still turned out well and on the next Hat I plan to use a stitch marker to the 5th round. I found out about Hot Hats when I participated in a dishcloth swap a few years ago, the person I swapped with sent two Hot Hats one large and one small she also sent me a copy of the pattern. You can find the pattern on Ravelry. It is from the February 2006 issue of Crochet World. The pattern is for a large and a small Hot Hat. I am trying to prepare myself for my work week ahead. I am already counting down until the weekend. It is so hard to fit everything you want to do in a day. I want to get started on another Hot Hat, and read. Adding a picture of the Hot Hat