Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cold and Windy Saturday

Well today has been a cold windy day. Also a shocking day just found out not long ago Whitney Huston died she was only 48. She was a tremendous singer and I feel so bad for her family, especially her Daughter. My day started with me getting up and putting to bags of can goods on my front door step , every year the boy scouts leave bags and come back a week later to pick up donations. Did not have a much to give this year and I really feel bad about giving less this year. The for next year is to be better prepared. Went to the library to meet my friend from work she wants to crochet a baby afghan for one of her friends. So I told her I would help her get started on an afghan. We tried some chucky yarn first and a different pattern than what I thought she was going to use. This did not work out well so we went to a pattern I felt it would be easier for a beginner. We used Beth's Little Star Afghan. I am not sure the website is still up for this pattern, but I think you might be able to find on Ravelry. To me this pattern seems easy and you repeat the same stitch's over and over again. In order to prepare on Friday night I practiced getting started and the first few rounds of the afghan. Then I started one today at the same time she did so she could see how to get started read and work the pattern. So now I have 3 Beth's Little Star Afghan started the plan is to finish all three no need to rip them out. Last night finished reading Behind the Seams, by Betty Hechtman. Great book loved the ending. Can't wait for the next in the series.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Quite Sunday

Spent most of the day in bed watching Say Yes To The Dress on TLC great show I love it. I am watching Dateline on ID love the show. I enjoy watching all the shows about murder and other mysteries. After finally getting out of bed sorted my laundry let the cats in and started watching tv. Finished a Red Hot Hat, so far so good on the use up all my cotton scarps and cotton before buying anymore. While searching for all the cotton yarn I found a lot of I love This Cotton! from Hobby Lobby. It is a great cotton for baby washcloths. It is a very soft cotton. Well I have loads more than I realize once I gathered it all together. When I get around to cleaning out my closet something tells me more cotton yarn will be found. Another goal for the year is to get all the stash yarn organized and use as much of it as possible. Next weekend is the annual sheep shearing at Rising Meadow it is free and open to the public, they will have yarn, lamb meat, and roving on sale. You get to see a sheep shearing in person and help if you want. Would love to attend but not sure due to fiances. The yarn sold at Rising Meadow is beautiful, it is always a temptation. The lamb is great and I hate it when I can't buy a leg of lamb. I have some lamb bones and meat that I need to cook. Just not sure what to do with the meat and bones. Maybe lamb stock with the bones and then maybe soup or lamb stew. Posting a picture of Hermes, don't let the sweet look fool you. I have a very hard time keeping off the counter's.