Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I am trying to be a better blogger

Well I had great plans to become a better blogger this year. So far I am not doing so well. So far my summer seems to be going okay. I have read  books and started a 4th since my last post. I am still working on my baby afghan. Yes I did have to start all over again missed a stitch while I was watching t.v. and could not fix my mistake. So now that I am back on track I try to work on the afghan during my lunch break in my office so I don't get distracted.  No crochet projects this month so far. The books that I read  the last 2 books in the Lizzie Searches for Love Series book 2 When Strawberries Bloom, and Big Decisions, by Linda Byler. Love the series. Then I finished A Man of His Word, by Kathleen Fuller another great read. I love reading books about the Amish. They are easy reads and very relaxing. Now I am reading A Fatal Fleece  Sally Goldenbaum only 38 pages read so far. Had a great weekend. My Nephew graduated from High School on Friday so happy for him. Spent Saturday with My Daughter and My Mother. My Daughter's thinking about buying a house or townhouse. Her rent keeps going up every year and it is now more than my mortgage. She wanted us to see house that she looked at, so we did it was a very pretty house but the bedrooms are small. Then we went to Olive Garden. It was my first trip back to Olive Garden since my birthday in February, and my first time back since I tried to make the Zuppa Tuscan soup. I did the soup and salad and I must say I think I did a good job making the soup at home. My garden is going well I hope yours is too. Happy crafting and gardening.