Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Sunny Day!


Well today has turned out to be another sunny day. Yesterday was sunny and warm and it started very early. I had to get up early so that I would be ready for the painter. My daughter decided to get someone to paint one of the bathroom in the house. It is the bathroom that she used when she lived at home it is an early Christmas gift. This bathroom needed to be done. You see the bathroom in question had been worked on by my daughter she decided one day to try and take down the wall paper because she wanted to paint she got some of the paper down but soon got bored with the project like I knew she would then she got to busy with school. I will post a before and after picture. Today I am listening to Eclipse on cd an knitting another dishcloth the pattern is from Knitting on the net, End of the Rainbow Dishcloth, knitting pattern designed by Paula York. A very pretty pattern. I need to make some progress my knitting from just dishcloths and scarves. I need to work on my socks again so that I can finish. I really wish we had 3 day weekends. Kendra was here yesterday and we spent the day together it was very nice to spend the day with my daughter. She almost brought puppy it was a very cute puppy a miniature Eskimo Spitz, but she took to long making her decision and some one else got the one she wanted. I told her to look at it as if this was not the puppy she was suppose to have at this time. She was sad because she had visited the man twice yesterday and held the puppy twice once after our first trip to Walmart and once on our way back to Walmart for the second time. On the second trip she had started picking up toys for the puppy and a collar she tried to call the man on his cell put could not get him then tried again so she could tell him she wanted the puppy and he told her he had just sold the puppy. He told her he tried to get the man to pick another one of the puppies but he wanted that one so we had to put back the toys and collar.

The bathroom looks great and I am very pleased with the results the man that painted the room did a great job and my daughter picked a great color. I love the blue.