Saturday, December 30, 2006


Well its Saturday and I am still wishing I was at the beach. I am at home trying not to get depressed about the fact that I have to go to work on Tuesday. Well all good things must come to an end. Well I am sad to say that I have not crocheted since before Christmas I should get back to it soon. The library called today and my inter library loan was in and I went by to pick it up it is the second in a knitting series by Maggie Sefton Needled to Death. Happy crocheting and knitting.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Home again

Well my time at the beach is over and I am at home and I really miss the sound of the waves and looking out over the ocean. It was a good ride back to NC and I am already thinking about going back for my birthday in February. I really wish I could sale my house and move to Myrtle beach. I did look on the Horry County Department of Social Services Web Site but they did not have any food assistance positions(new name for the food stamp program). I don't think the job prospects in Myrtle Beach is any better than they are in NC. If I could sale my house as is and get any money out of it I would and find a job in myrtle beach I would throw caution to the wind and not fear the future and move try and find an ocean front condo or something only a few minute away from the beach I would go everyday to the beach. I have not crocheted since last Thursday just did not have time spent my nights walking the beach, blogging and playing Scrabble with my daughter also UNO I have never understood UNO even as a Young adult when I think we first discovered the game in my neighborhood. Happy crocheting and knitting.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Rainy Christmas Day

Well it rained most of the day today so I did not get to spend a lot of time on the beach. I got to stand on the balcony and look out at the ocean at high tide wow. Seagulls where out not to many people out in the rain. We tried to go see a movie in the downpour but when we got there the movie we wanted to see was not playing. So we came back to the room to eat we have a full kitchen so we cooked today. Tomorrow night crab legs can't with I love crab legs! I did not get to take any pictures today.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Okay its Christmas Eve and I have had a great day. I spent some time on the beach this morning. I fed the seagulls and walked along the water side. The sun has been shinning and its not very cold high in the 60's. Love feeding the seagulls I had to go out today and buy some more bread so I can go out in the morning and feed them again. I am getting so slack no no crochet today. After the walk on the beach and a late breakfast we went shopping and the went out to eat at Fridays the crab place we love to go to when we come was closed today will reopen on Tuesday our last night. Well we are off for a night time stroll on the beach and this time we remembered the flash lights forgot them last night. Happy crocheting and knitting.