Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why does the weekend pass by so fast?

Well I started my weekend on Thursday. I took Friday off to take my daughter to the oral surgeon. She had 7 wisdom teeth removed. She did great after the surgery. I brought her back to Asheboro. She slept for a few hours and got up for a while then went back to sleep. She did not swell as much as people told her she would and she said the pain was not that bad. On Saturday morning she felt good enough for a trip to Costco. I spent to much money, but I just had to get a leg of lamb and lamb chops. We spent most of the day in Greensboro. I went to A C Moore. I am looking for a dvd on how to knit socks. I did not find just what I was looking for but I did find The Art Of Knitting , and The Art Of Knitting & Crochet 2, if I read the back of the second dvd correctly I think it might have a sock Kit-A-Long. I was looking for Knitting Socks Techniques 1 & 2 a knitters's companion, by Lucy Neatby. I think I will give up and order Ebay, I was one on Amazon and they wanted $135.00 for one dvd. I can't afford to pay that amount. I know I took a class on how to knit socks but I did not come home and immediately start and finish the second sock so now I am lost. I suffered a great lost last week. The Stork washcloth that I was knitting suffered an attack by my cat, I forgot to put it away and left it on the table in the dining area. I had to rip it out and start again. So I am on row 35 and I learned not to leave my knitting out around this cat. Today we went to my daughter's church she joined one of the choirs and it was their Sunday to sing. We had a great time and a lovely afternoon. The A C Moore in Winston Salem is great, I think they have more yarn that the Greensboro A C Moore. Well almost time for Big Love.