Saturday, September 05, 2009

Weekend cooking

I decided to cook today. I have a Knit along with Debbie Macomber the Cedar Cove Collection knitting pattern book, at the end of the book it has recipe's. I tried clam spaghetti. Great recipe. Quick and easy is what I am all about when it comes to cooking. although I want to get one of Juila Child's cookbooks the art of french cooking. The movie that's out reminded me of how much I loved watching Julia Child Saturday's on PBS when I was young. This was the days before I knew anything about cable and if I did you would not be able to get it in Brutonville right outside of the city limits on the big Candor with it's one stop light. It was years after I was grown and living in Asheboro. It took awhile for cable and satellite to make it to the area. I think satellite made it first then cable. So if you had was channels 4-45 if you had a good antenna. All the good cooks did shows on PBS. My swap partner dishcloth is going well and I have just a few more rows to go. I checked on and amazon you would not believe the price for this cookbook they go from reasonable to outrageous. I need to spend a little time knitting so that I can finish the dishcloth and make a good faith effort on the socks that I have been working on since this spring. Happy long weekend. The pictures and of the dish I made tonight. The first is the red pepper, garlic, and onion sauteed in olive oil, next is the finished product. I love the smell of garlic and onion.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Quick post

Well we did not get to do our midweek girls night out. My friend from work had an unexpected surgery and has to be out of work for the next 3 days. So it looks like we will have to make plans for another night. Oh well the bright spot is only 2 day's to go and I will have a nice long weekend. I have a good start on another dish cloth. I might send to my September swap partner. Happy crafting.