Friday, December 23, 2005

Will I every learn how to read crochet pattens?

Hi all I spent most of the morning trying to read a pattern for a hat and figure out how to make this has got totally throw off on the 3rd and 4th row, I plan to get out the crochet bible and some other books to see where I am going wrong. I really wish all patterns came with the symbol chart too. I think I could figure things out better with the pattern done in symbols and written form. I hope that crochet is not to hard for me to figure out we I took the class the woman that taught the class said to just break the pattern down line by line not sure it working. I should take more classes. One day maybe all will be clear going to practice some more tonight. Just cant let this thing beat me when I look in all the magazine and books on crochet its great so exciting so many things I want to learn. Yo have Broomstick Lace, Tunisian. Crochet Fantasy's fall 2005 issue has a beautiful Backpack Purse but when I read the pattern it might as well be greek. I really wish DIY had a crochet program like Knitty Gritty. The interest is there for the show I am sure. I think I will email them again maybe tell them about Crochetville and all the blog out here on crochet. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve the holidays aways depress me, this means changes need to be made in my life. To all those people out in the world that have been born smart and didnot struggle in school an feel like you should have been in special classes you should be happy and feel good about your selves school was a struggle for me a I fell lucky that I made it out of High School. I was not the brightess bulb on the tree. Well it is time for me to finish my post for the night because I am now rambling.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

I love crochet but how do I survive Christmas

How oh how do I survive Christmas. I try very hard to remember the purpose for the celebration is the birth of Jesus. It seems that it just serves to remind me of how bad off I am financially. I hope that every year something will change but it doesn't every year is still the same behind on my bills and broke. I have the feeling that there are people in prison that have more money than I have at this time. Most of my problems with money I know are my fault but I cant seem to bring myself out of the rut. I had almost made it out until this year, I worked for over 2 years with consumer credit counseling service and I paid off a lot of old bill and bad credit card. Then I think finally I will be able to get caught up and maybe get ahead and what do you think happens? My babies daddy stops paying child support. So that takes away almost $300.00 per month in income, so here I was a full time and a part time job and still cant get everything paid. To make matters worst dummy me goes out and gets another credit card and then I max it out in less than 6 months no money to pay the bill so the hard work that I did for over 2 years to clean up my credit is about to go down the drain I had to get my daughter ready to go to college that's where most of the money I have has gone. I am very happy that she is in college because I think it is very important for her to get a good education then she wont be like me. Well enough of the pity party. On to the subject that my blog is named for crochet. I am just learning to crochet took 4 classes at Hobby Lobby in November. So as I stated before I have only completed 5 scarves, I tried to pick easy patterns that I can follow. I have found a pattern for a hat it has easy but I am not too sure. So I want to say that I love whoever it was that came up with I went on the site tonight and I watched the cluster stitch and practiced until I go it. Thank you Thank you. Now if someone would come up with a site or would tell me that there is a site that you can go to type in your pattern then the pattern is converted into the symbols I would have it made. Tomorrow I will take patters of the project that I have finished and hopefully get the pictures downloaded.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Vacation

December 20, 2005


Well I got off work today and I dont have to go back until the Wednesday after Christmas. I am so happy about this I am tired. I hope to start a new project this week. a Scarf and Hat set for my Nephew. I am ready for a glass or a bottle of wine depending on how much I decide to drink to night. I hope to get money for Christmas this year. If so plan to use the money to buy yarn. Nothing much going on with me tonight, just noticed that I am paying for cable and can never find anything to watch on tv. so I guess I will watch Turner Classics. plan to practice some of my crochet stiches.

Monday, December 19, 2005

I did it I have created a blog!!!!!!!

December 19, 2005

Well I did it I have created a Blog. Theresa MItchell the person who I am sure no one I grew up around or went to school with would be able to believe I could figure out how to turn on a computer. It is a work in progress so dont expect too much in the beginning. I am 41 yr old single parent of an 18 yr old daughter who left home in August for her Freshman yr in college. Must people said I would be very lonely and cry. Well I have not been very lonely or cried. It was time for her to leave home and she was happy about going away to school. She not far away and she is having a great time. So I decided to join a bookclub, and learn to crochet. I took a class in November at the local Hobby Lobby. Learning to read patterns has been a challenge . So far I have made 6 Scarves. Very simple scarves. Picture to follow in the days to come. Hopefully I will have my Blog looking as great as so many of the ones I have seen. Well I can't wait to tell the girls at work that I have started a Blog. Some of my girlfriends and I have started a girls night out, we decided to have our night the 2nd Friday of every month
we decided to send out a newletter every month and that going to be my job and I need to work on that and get it in the mail. Trying very hard to get the girls to start reading so I plan to list a book for everyone to read before our next night out to discuss on our next girls night out. Well thats all form now hope to have pictures soon.