Saturday, January 08, 2011

A Very Cold and Windy Saturday

Today has been a very cold and windy day. Today was sort of grocery shopping day. We needed to pick up a few things we started at Walmart, then on to Bottom Dollar, Lowe's Food, and Food Lion. When you live in a small town it is hard to do one stop shopping. We decided to do a stir fry of sorts for dinner tonight and I wanted bean sprouts well Walmart, Bottom Dollar, Food Lion out of luck they do not have bean sprouts only Lowe's Food in this area. The winter mix missed us yesterday so no snow flurries. I am not so sure we are going to be as lucky on Monday! Finished up the Pomp A Doodle Scarf last night and I think it is to short. The pattern on the band only calls for 1 skein of yarn and on the RedHeart website the pattern calls for 2 skeins. I plan to use it anyway. I brought Cece a snuggy sack for Christmas, so I am posting a picture of puppy cuteness.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Pomp-a-Doddle Part 2

It is Friday Eve and I am very happy about this fact. It has been a long week at work. My Pomp-a-Doodle scarf is progressing. It is so cute. I know it is knit out of a novelty yarn but who cares. This is North Carolina and it is only a few weeks out of the year that we have seriously cold weather and need true natural fiber heavy duty scarves and hats. The plan is to finish this scarf and try a crochet scarf out of the same yarn just a different color. Still reading A Holiday Yarn. Updated picture of my scarf. Still trying to get over my disappointment about not becoming a millionaire. My daughter brought two Mega Millions lottery tickets and we planned to share the winnings, but no such luck. Well we plan to try again later.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Cast on for the first time this year. My daughter gave me four skeins of Red Heart Pomp-A-Doodle yarn in different colors, I already had one skein that I had purchased. So when I purchased my skein I could not figure out how to get started and was about to lose hope when the thought came to me to go to YouTube, found a video on how to knit with Pomp-A-Doodle. I watched the video over and over again, but I did not start a scarf because I had a big dishcloth project going. Well tonight I watched the video and cast on using a skein that my daughter gave me for Christmas. It took several attempts but I think I have figured it out and have added a few rows. I am using the Red Velvet, so far so good. The pattern for the scarf was on the back of the band. You cast on twelve so the scarf is not very wide, the picture on the band looks a lot wider than my scarf. It does not matter I think the scarf will turn out great. I am trying to decided if I will keep the scarf or give it to my co-worker she wears a lot of scarves to work. The video was a lot of help. It took a few viewing before things came together. Still reading A Holiday Yarn.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

So Not Ready

I am not ready to go back to work. We have had a nice long weekend the office was closed on Friday. Now it's back to work on Monday. Slept late today talked to my daughter around 1:00 pm and then got up got dressed went to Walmart and to get the Sunday papers. Not much in either one that was interesting. The only thing was a woman gave birth to twins one born at 11:58 and the other 2 minutes later. So she has one new years baby and on tax deduction. How cool is that. I cooked dinner tonight nothing serious just Manhattan Catfish Chowder it is an old recipe that I have done several times. No knitting or crochet today. I did read a few pages of A Holiday Yarn. I will read for a while later tonight. I am watching OWN the new network that Oprah started. So far so good. I want to have a better year this year. So I want to work very hard to figure out what to do to have a better. If I could find a part time or a work at home job to get a few of my bills paid that would help. if I became healthier that would help, lose some weight , cut down on my wine intake, knit and crochet more, exercise more. So tomorrow after work the plan is to go to the gym and renew my contract. Then make myself go and exercise weather I want to or not and I hate exercise. Tomorrow in your department we are planning to try something different to get all the new and ongoing cases processed. We are hoping for this plan will work. My plan is to knit or crochet with all the yarn I currently have in my stash and not spend any extra money so that I can get out of debt. We shall see how things go.