Saturday, June 27, 2009


Well here I am on a Saturday with 18 to 20 somethings in my living room listening to music and playing cards. So I think I have a long night ahead. It is my daughter's friend's and her cousin's. To me this was a long and sad week The death's of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett was very sad. Michael was a very talented singer and Farrah a great actress. I feel both to young to die. I am still reading Death by Cashmere and working on my sock . I have not spent time knitting since Wednesday but I plan to pick up my knitting tomorrow and shape the toe on my sock. I am trying very hard not to start any new projects before I finish the socks but it is very hard. I have the yarn and the circular needles for the baby afghan in the Leisure Arts pattern book The Shop on Blossom Street from the Debbie Macomber book. I want to cast on the baby block afghan. Since I spent some time last Sunday crocheting I want to finish an afghan I started I think in 2006 also. I really need to be strong. No new projects until my socks are done. Happy crafting.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Almost a Sock!

Well my first sock is almost a sock. I added a few rows tonight and by my measurements it is almost 8 inches and according to the direction I need to stop 2 inches before the end. So hopefully by the end of the week I will get the toe shaped and bind off by the weekend. I plan to start the second sock immediately after I finish the first. After last night and finishing up the baby afghans. I really want to do a little crochet. I have a red afghan that I started I think in 2006 maybe 2007 I really need to check past post's to see if they will give me a clue. While I was looking around Lion Brand Yarn's I noticed a wonderful and what looks like a very easy baby blanket. It is the Diagonal Comfort blanket in the pattern they use Cotton-Ease. I think I want to use one of the many baby blanket yarns I have in my stash. I have had this yarn for a long time. I have TLC Baby and Lion Brand Yarn Pound of Love. I think I will try my very best to at least finish the first sock and start the second before I start the baby afghan.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Return to Crochet

Well I paid a visit to YouTube to brush up on my triple and double crochet. I found to great video's to help one to help me with an unfinished baby afghan in crochet lace shells and one in crazy or brick stitch. My daughter needs a gift for a friend's baby shower. So I found two UFOs and finished them today. The baby afghan's only needed a few stitches and a little end weaving. So she choose between the two afghan's and now I have one ready if she needs one for another friend. It seems so strange that her friend's are moving into the marrying and family starting stage of their lives. Still reading Death by Cashmere. No work on the sock today. Tomorrow I promise. I will spend a few minutes before I go to bed reading.