Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Podcast Tuesday

I look forward to lionbrands podcast every two weeks. Today it was all about Halloween crafts. I am not into Halloween crafts but it was still relaxing to listen to the podcast and work on my crochet ripple afghan. Picture in previous post. On Friday night I ripped back several rows and on Sunday, Monday, and tonight I finished the spring greens rows. I started the afghan with 11 rows of spring green and 4 rows of turqua(blue). So maybe tomorrow I will start what will be the last 4 rows of turqua(blue) I want the afghan to end with 11 rows of spring green. You know I only have so much yarn and I have 2 full skeins of spring green and 2 half skeins of spring green, 2 full skeins of turqua(blue) and 3 half skeins. The scraps will be used for granny squares. Since this afghan is crocheted with 2 strands held together it is heavy so 15 mores rows will be enough. Well happy, happy middle of the week.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Ripping back a few rows

Well on Friday I ripped back a few rows of a crochet ripple afghan. I started this project April 22, 2007 put it down for a very long time and then tried to start it over. When I did I think I started with the wrong row so on Friday I ripped back 4 rows and I think I have figured out how to start the afghan again. I think I should start with row 2 and continue with row 2 until I have finished the afghan. I started reading While My Pretty One Knits, by Anne Canadeo I picked it up at the Greensboro Library on Saturday, my local library did not have the book. It is a good read to me so far I love cozy mysteries. I need to get started on my October dishcloth swap. Maybe tomorrow I will start the dishcloth. Posting a picture of my UFO ripple.