Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday planting

Well finally today I made it out to the garden today because it was over cast and not to hot. I cut the holes in the plastic and had help from my nieces and nephew to get all most of the tomato's and all the squash and zucchini planted today. I found out I only brought 3 zucchini plants and I need more, I love zucchini and love to put them on the grill so the more I have the better. I need more plastic and 3 or 4 zucchini plants. I have to plant the okra, jalapenos and tomatillo's. I need a Cheyenne pepper too. The little tag on the tomatillo states reseeds so does this mean I should plant some where I would not till next year and it will come back? Will one plant do well in a large pot? I will take a picture of the garden and post this weekend. I am reading Summer on Blossom Street, by Debbie Macomber. So far so good picked it up at my local library yesterday. It took a few weeks. I was on hold for the book. A new crochet mystery comes out on next week by Betty Hechtman. I think on Tuesday! I plan to go by my local Books-A-Million right after work. I think this summer promises some great new in the series reading. I have started a new dish cloth and knit a few rows on Tuesday. I read last night and no knitting. I have not worked on my sock in over a week. I am so ashamed of myself. I keep taking it out of the project bag and looking at it almost everyday. I will work on it this weekend if it is the last thing I do! I have to finish this project. I love sock yarn and I want more sock yarn. I have to use it if I buy more yarn. Happy crafting and gardening.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Well I have had a not so bad weekend, Friday started pretty rocky but by Saturday things has turned around. Spent time with my daughter looking at apartments and furniture. The apartment we looked at with my daughter looked great, fell in love with two of the apartments. One with a huge and I mean huge master bathroom, and one with a very pretty little deck on the third floor. The Second and third floor had small decks and the first I guess it would have been considered a patio. The rent was a little out of my daughter's price range without a room mate. I could see a planter or two on the deck with a tomato and flower's. Then on Sunday just did nothing at all but talk to my daughter and watch TV. Today I got up around 10:00 or a little after got dressed an spent a few hours in the garden. We have a problem with getting the garden started on time. My brother in law tilled the garden last Thursday. So my Mother and I put most of the plastic down today. We ran out of plastic so I have to get another roll on Friday. I think tomorrow after work we will cut the holes in the plastic to plant the squash and zucchini. I have to wait until this Friday to buy another roll of plastic for the rest of the garden. I did get all of my cherry and grape tomato's planted in hanging baskets. I have 2 planter's that I plan to get 2 patio tomato's on Friday and plant. I know my garden will get started a little late but I think it will still turn out okay. We planted 3 pots of Petunia's and one pot with a petunia, geranium, and begonia. We had 3 grape tomato's to come back in a hanging basket we did last summer put that in a pot because I thought it would do better in a big pot. I was afraid of trying to separate the plants.