Saturday, February 13, 2010


Well we had a few inches of snow last night. I love to watch it snow. This snow did not have any sleet so by 11:00 am today the road was clear and no trouble driving. S0 I made a trip to two bookstores in Greensboro today I wanted to pick up a Simply Knitting magazine. I have the magazine and also brought the new book by Laurie Perry Crazy Aunt's Purl's Home Is Where the Wine Is. I am about to start row 31 of the Stork washcloth. I will post a picture of the half finished washcloth and afghan.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Friday Snow

It's Friday and it is snowing again. We have another snow here in Asheboro NC. I love to watch it snow. I love snow. This snow might no be so bad because so far no sleet. I hope will be able to get out tomorrow. I need a skein of cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby. I finished the lamb baby washcloth and cast on and knit the first seven rows of the stork baby wash cloth. I have decided to knit the stork also. I am reading Knit, Purl,Die, by Anne Canadeo only a few pages in to the book. I love light reads.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

First February Post

Well finally got over my cold or what ever it was that I had last 2 weeks of January. I spent a long hard week getting to work because of the snow we had last weekend. Our office never closes so on Monday when I got to work I faced a very icy still covered in snow and Ice parking lot. I feel lucky I did not fall and bust my ass. If you are going to have a this office never closes for bad weather policy you could have the parking lots cleaned off. I have knit a few more rows on the baby washcloth, I am still working on the lamb. I need to finish it up and start the stork. The woman at work had her baby last week a little girl she weighed 8 pound and has a head full of hair. She came a few days early, both mom and baby are doing fine. This gives me a few extra days to get the washcloths done. The baby shower will have to wait a couple of weeks until mom feels up to getting out with the baby. I started an afghan crochet I found the pattern at It is the Sideways Shell Baby Afghan(aka: Newbie Shell Afghan) by Donna Laing. I am using Baby Bee Sweet Delight Wrap the color crayons. It was on clearance at Hobby Lobby. After the foundation row you repeat row 2 until the afghan is 36" then you keep going with the pattern without breaking off the yarn all around the afghan in each space. I hope I can get the edge right. I have work tomorrow and I need to get back to the gym. I have not been the last 2 weeks. I am embarrassed to go back but I will go, it has been a bad keep to my no fried food and pasta week.