Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Saturday Blue's

I have to admit that I have not enjoyed my Saturday. I slept late got up and my Mother wanted to go to the grocery store, I did not but went anyway and then I had to take my Mother and my Niece to Chuckie N Cheese for my cousin's birthday meet my daughter with a GRE book and dog kennel. When I am broke I don't like to travel or do anything. I could stay in the house and not step out of the door. I paid a visit to Books a Million yesterday and they did not have the book I wanted so I had to order the book. I continued to knit another Feather and Fan Dishcloth today and finished it , then cast on a Grandmother's Favorite. I tried to get a good picture of a humming bird moth and a butterfly. Since my camera is not the best and does not capture good picture's of moving object the picture's are not the best in the world but I will post the picture's anyway. Butterflies and hummingbird moth's are not the best model's. I enjoyed a few good hours in the house by myself today and really need more hour's alone. Oh well such is my life and I should get use to my dull life tiresome life.

Hummingbird Moth

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So ready for the weekend!

Another long week. Two day's left until the weekend. It is hot and I am tired. Last night I finished the dishcloths I have been working for my Aunt's friend. Still trying to read Skein of the Crime I keep falling asleep while reading. It is not because the book is boring, I think I should decrease my wine intake if I want to stay up at night and read. I cast on another Feather and Fan dishcloth during my lunch break today. I am not sure what I did with my grandmother's favorite pattern. I need to look for it tonight. I am posting a picture of the dishcloth's I am sending my Aunt's friend. I received a magazine from Costco today and found a new knit themed book I want to read Knit in Comfort, by Isabel Sharpe. My local Books a Million might have the book in stock. I need to call tonight to see if the have the book. Posting a picture of the dishcloth's I knit for my Aunt's friend.