Saturday, July 22, 2006

It's Saturday!!!!

I spent most of the day in Greensboro went to the mall, to Olive Garden and AC Moore. I started working on the Fabulous Fans Afghan today and I have already ripped out all the stitches once and I am about to rip out all the stitches again. I keep running out of stitches at the end of row 2. According to the pattern Row 2 Dc in each of the next 3 sc; * sk 3 sc, shell of (4 dc, ch 1, 4 dc) all in next st; sk 3 sc, dc in next 8 sc; rep from *across to last 11 sc, sk 3 sc in next sc, shell in next sc, sk 3 sc dc in last 4 sc. Ch 3 turn. I cant figure out what I am doing wrong and why I don't have enough stiches left. I think I am to stop with the 8 dc then shell and end with 4 dc. The only problem is It doesn't seem to end with the 8dc. Maybe my starting ch didn't have the right number of stitch. So I will rip it all out and start over again. Well I think a storm is coming I here thunder so I must shut down my computer. Picture is of the start of this afghan.

Friday, July 21, 2006

It's the weekend!!!!!

Well I have made it through another work week and It's Friday night, I have checked my email paid a visit to Crochetville and now here I am at blogspot. My daughter sold one of my afghan's at work yesterday, I didn't make a profit but at least some thought it was good enough to purchase. One of the ladies she works with wants a afghan for her son. So I have a trip to AC Moore planned for tomorrow. So I can get started on the project. I have plans to use the red and black yarn that I had planned to use on afghan for my daughter's boyfriend to make afghan I like in one of my patterns books from Leisure Arts. I have decided to wait to make the afghan for my daughter's boyfriend, afghans take to long to make to give to someone who might not last that long. They are to young for a serious relationship and both are still in college. So tomorrow I will start Fabulous Fans it is from as I stated before a Leisure Arts pattern book, Afghans by the Pound by Rita Weiss it is found on page 13, this book has several afghans I would like to try now I have to find the funds to buy the yarn and choose colors for all the patterns I want to try. Also even though I had said to my self that I would not join any exchange in the month of August tonight I plan to start on items for nexts months potholder, dishcloth and granny square exchange. The next thing I want to be brave enough to do is a wearable maybe a shawl I have a pattern I want to try but I don't have enough confidence in my skill. I have signed up for a fall intermediate class at my local Hobby Lobby. I need to check on that to see if the class will start in October as scheduled. I signed up weeks ago and I have not heard anything. I am posting a picture taken of my on Sunday of flowers I have planted on one side of my deck.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Exchange, Exchange I love Exchanges.

Tonight I am posting pictures of two July exchanges. The granny square exchange and potholder exchange. The first picture is from the July granny exchange my exchange partner for July was Bettina Kaminski from Germany she did a wonderful job on the granny squares she sent very soft yarn. The second is from my July potholder exchange partner, she sent to wonderful potholder nice and thick they will work great in the kitchen. All the exchanges I am participate in are on a fabulous group I belong to through Yahoo, . The people in this group are great we have both crocheter and knitters, and many different exchanges. So you could get something in knit or crochet. I plan to start posting pictures of all my partners work. I think I will go back to past exchanges to show that work. I don't have any projects started at this time. I plan to start one soon. I have red and black yarn 2 pounds of red and 2 pounds of black I had planned to use some of this yarn on a afghan for my daughter's boyfriend I cant make up my mind if that is a good idea. Who knows things are going great at the moment but that could change. I have a pattern book Afghans by the Pound by Rita Weiss from Lesisure Arts. One pattern I would really like to try is Fabulous Fans but not in red or black , the last time I was at AC Moore they had a very pretty orange it is a soft orange not bright, but I think the pattern would work great with a bright color. We brought lottery tickets today and of course I didn't win this is why I don't buy that often, but it is wonderful to have the choice to buy here in NC.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday Night Again

Well here we are another Sunday night, and I am wondering what happened to my weekend? On Friday night we had a cook out my Niece she turned 17 last week. Saturday night was girls night out we went out to eat and to a movie in Greensboro. I am finished the baby afghan for a friend and will post a picture. I brought a very small digital camera on Friday and the picture is a bit better that the web cam. One last exchange to finish for the month of July, the potholder exchange, one potholder down and one to go. I will post a picture of the items after my exchange partner has received. I plan to send it out on Tuesday. The pattern I used for the baby afghan is called Progressive Afghan I think it is a Project Linus Afghan a free pattern from JPF Crochet Club, copyright Julie A. Bolduc, it is a great pattern when you have the pattern up online you can click on different figures and see what the afghan looks like in different stages, I found this very helpful.