Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Lot of wind and rain

We have had a lot of wind and rain today. So I did not spend much time out and about today. I did not have to work today our office was closed for Veterans Day. I went out for a short time to Walmart and Bottom Dollar I had to get something for dinner tonight. I cooked today a rare thing for me to do cook. I don't enjoy it very much. I have spent the day listening to New Moon. I am preparing for the movie. I remembered today that you and spend a lot time on Ravelry looking at patterns. I am looking for a good baby afghan pattern, one of my daughters friends is having twins and my daughter wants afghans to give to her friend. So no knitting or crochet today. I have the estimates for a roof and I have called my insurance company someones coming out next Friday to take a look at the roof. I hope they will let me file a claim. We had a lot of wind and rain the night my roof started leaking. The man that came out on Tuesday put a tarp over the place so it would not leak last night and today. So far so good no leaks. Well there is nothing really going on with me besides worrying about getting a new roof.