Tuesday, June 27, 2006

HEY,HEY,HEY!!!! We got a raise yesterday.

I first want to tell you that I have worked on my afghan project today. I must move on to tell you how happy and thankful I am that the Co. Commissioners dedcided to give the Co. Employee's a raise I want to thank all the Co. Commissioners for giving us this raise even though property taxes are going up 1% I really under stand the reason for the raise in property taxes and I don't mind paying the increase. The reason I would like to thank them for this decision. I know it didnot come easy, after attending a public hearing for the first time about the budget for the next fiscal year I know the decision was not made lightly. Several people didnot agree with the propsed budget and I would not speak so it is like I was stating I didnot agree. A lot of things asked for this year we did not get, but we must look on the bright side and hope for next year. I am hoping that between this and the fact that my mother has moved in with me we will be able to get all the bills paid and maybe have a little left over for things I feel the need to buy, like yarn,yarn and more yarn. My favorite places to buy yarn are Hobby Lobby and AC Moore. The month of June has passed by so quickly cant believe it is the 4th of July weekend. I should be able to finish my Grandmother's afghan this weekend. If I am lucky I will be able to buy the yarn for my next project this weekend at AC Moore. My daughter wants me to make an afghan for her boyfriend in their school colors red and black. I thought a nice ripple I am looking for a good pattern, something masculine. The search is on for that pattern. I am getting ready to do more exchanges with one of the groups I belong to At My House it is a group through Yahoo , the dishcloth, granny square and potholder exchange. I have had a lot of fun participating in the exchanges with this group. Very nice group of crocheters and kniters.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday Night Blue's

Well the weekend is almost over and it is time to start thinking about the new work week. Tomorrow night the Co. Comissioner adopt the new budget for the next fiscal year. Some of the meeting is open to the public, I think it is just the discussion on the new school. Every time I think about last week and the fact that I let my fears to speak in public take over and I didnot speak I get very mad with myself. Next year I will get up and speak everyone should learn that their voice can make a difference. I continued to work on my grandmother's afghan today I had to make a trip to the yarn store to get two more skeins of yarn. This meant a trip to Greensboro and Michael's for that yarn and a look in AC Moore for baby yarn my next project because a friend of mine is having a baby I have already decided of the pattern and now I need a couple of skeins more of yarn in yellow, lilac and lime. If I cant find skeins in thes e colors I will have to come up with something totally different. We Shall see how things develop I have waited until the last minute and I dont know if I will have time to search the net and order the yarn I need. Thats all for now.

A Wonderful Day

I had a very nice day today. It started out rough because I was getting ready to go to my cousin's Wedding and my hair dry knock out of me and I was not sure my hair would set, but it turned out okay. I still think I am going to send an email to the company to complain just brought hair dryer last year!!!! Forgot to take a camera to the wedding to get pictures at the reception. Maybe my Aunt will give me one of the Bride and Groom to post on my blog, I plan to ask soon. Also while the hair dryer was working it was a great time to crochet making great progress on my Grandmother's afghan. I rode with my Sister and her Husband to the Wedding and I crocheted on the way to the wedding.