Saturday, July 09, 2011

butterflies are Free

It's Saturday and my vacation is almost over. Today was a not so bad day. I have added a few rows to a dishcloth I am working. Spent time working on my bedroom and watching Harry Potter Movies on the Family Channel. My daughter sells Scentsy Wickless Frangrances , she brought my order in today. I had a few people at work buy a few things and I was able to receive a few free items and some for half price. They are great scents. Love the plug ins. My daughter has a website. . It is a great way for her to earn extra income. She delivered the items today and on Monday I will take the things my friends ordered to them. This is a great picture of a butterfly I took this week. Craft on!

Friday, July 08, 2011

Still cleaning my bedroom

Well the work continues on my bedroom. I have picked out all the magazines to keep and the one's to give away. Slowly but surely I will get my bedroom clean. Tomato's are on the vine in the garden and in the container garden. Cast on a dishcloth tonight the dishcloth is from the night a pattern a day calendar 2008. Pattern name Texas Sun Dishcloth. I spent time today putting away the magazine's I plan to keep. Spent a lot of time watching old movies with Leslie Howard on TCM today while working on my bedroom. It has been a stormy day rain and storms on and off all afternoon. A storm brewing right now. A picture of the white lily in my yard. The lily is beautiful.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

I am so lazy

So I spent most of the morning watching tv. I watched teen mom and true life. I have decided that I could spend my entire day watching tv and laying in the bed doing nothing. If it would not lead to me becoming homeless. I went through all my knitting and crochet magazines and I have decided on the one's to keep and the one's to get throw away. My plan is to go by Goodwill to see if I can donate the magazine's. The thought of throwing them in my recycling bin bothers me. Someone might want the magazines. Re watching once again the Harry Potter movies. So no knitting or reading today. Our Trumpet Vine has started to bloom it is the deep purple. Getting closer to a clean bedroom.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I am on vacation.

Really it is a stay at home vacation. I did not go anywhere. I am here at the house. I did not have the money to go anywhere so just hanging out at home. I will return to work on Monday. It has been a long time since I have had a week off. I am trying to get some reading and knitting done. Today I watched old movies on TCM so I have not achieved any of my cleaning goals. I will do better tomorrow. I need to get my bedroom clean. My bedroom looks like an episode of Hoarding Buried Alive. I know what I need to do to make this stop. One get rid of most of my knitting and crochet magazines. Really hate to let go of them. I will never be able to knit or crochet all or half the projects. My intentions were good. Two get rid of some of my yarn. I have a lot of yarn mostly acrylic. Still knitting dishcloths. My Daughter put in an order for potholders. The lilies in the backyard bloomed this week very pretty.