Sunday, September 13, 2009

A finished project

I finally weaved the needs on a scarf I started month's ago. I cast on beginner's basic Ribbed -for -Her Pleasure Scarf Feb 08, 2009 an today I finally finished weaving the ends. The scarf is for my Daughter. I am on the hunt for 2 skeins on Lamb's Pride Bulky M250 Cranberry Swirl so that I can knit a hat to go along with the scarf. I cast on and finished knitting a new Filippi Scarf this weekend. It is not as long as I like and I am considering ripping it out and starting over again with a larger needle size. Maybe that would make the scarf longer. I used romni wools . I have one skein that I received in a yarn swap through crochetville. I am watching the season finally of True Blood and it is very interesting. Well the season end was great and I am not sure what happened to Bill. The wait will be so long. The picture is of the scarf I knit for my daughter.