Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Crochet time

Well I put in a lot of good crochet time last night. I worked on the Crochet Lace Shells pattern that my instructor gave me in my beginner crochet and gave my beginner's and intermediate classes on the first night of class. I really like the stitch and I wish I had tried it before now. Once you get started it is very easy and flows well. I am using red took a picture of my first few rows but you can't really tell how pretty it is because the web came does not show off the color of the yarn. Maybe one day I will get a good camera. I am ready for the weekend tomorrow I will really have to work hard because Friday I am taking a vacation day and I will need to get Thursday and Friday's cases processed by 4:30 tomorrow. So I don't think I will take a morning and maybe no afternoon break. Only one more class and my intermediate crochet instruction will be over I am not ready for the class to end I wish you got 6 classes instead of 4 but all good things must come to an end. If she offers another intermediate class at the first of the year I will sign up for the intermediate class again. I hope everything comes together for the for the crochet group at the beginning of the year it will be nice to meet new people and get help with new projects and be inspired to try new project by seeing other work from different people.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I have 4 skeins of TLC Baby 7959 Giggle a very pretty variegated yarn, in very nice pastel pink, blue, green, and lavender they are 5 oz skeins. So I now have to find a nice afghan pattern for this yarn. I spent a little time last night looking through my pattern books and I will search on all the free pattern sites this weekend. Almost finished with the afghan I have been working on using the crazy stitch maybe 4 more rows and it should be large enough. The edging is what I need to come up with on end of the afghan will be shallop already because of the stitch, I hope my instructor will be able to help. I think I will be able to finish the afghan off by using row 1 of the stitch on the remaining 3 sides. I think I will have to ask my friends at either Crochetville or at my house or maybe both to see what everyone thinks. Also planning to get in some more reading tonight still trying to finish Tavis Smiley My Story of Growing Up in America As told to David Ritz What I know For Sure, as I have said before it is a very good read. I tells of his life as a child and his young adulthood. If you get the chance read this book.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


I really can't think of a title for my post today. I really don't have much to post about I have very quickly this time hit another down spell and I have spent no time crocheting this weekend. I will force my self to do a little later on today, I must get back into the swing of things. I know that it really might not seem like it but I really love to crochet. Due to financial reason just can't buy enough yarn to make any real big project. So I daydream about the project I wish I could do. I belong to a forum at and the ladies on this forum really do some very fine work and have a sorts of crochet-along's that I would love to join but I keep thinking you don't have enough yarn for that so why bother. I would like to join the giant granny square along but I want to use really bright colors and I don't have any yarn at the present time in really bright colors. I keep hoping someone in my family will give me a gift card to Hobby Lobby or A.C. Moore I like both store but would love the gift card to be from A.C. Moore they have Caron one pound yarn and some very bright colors.