Monday, May 05, 2008


It is Spring once again and it is time for planting to start. I so over the weekend I spent sometime planting Tomato's. On Saturday I planted Grape Tomato's in hanging baskets. I got the idea from PBS's Almanac Gardener. They used Cherry Tomato's I could not find Cherry so I am using Grape. Since it is a small tomato I am hoping it will work just as good as the Cherry. On Sunday after a visit to Lowe's Hardware I planted a Better Bush and Patio tomato and 2 Sweet 100's all in containers. I know for sure the Patio and perhaps the Better Bush or especially bred for container gardening. I think this weekend just because and I need something to get me out of my depression, I will buy a big planter and a squash plant just to see if it will grow and produce. The stimulus check just did not do it for me, I made a car payment because I am behind to far behind on all my bills for that amount of money to do anything for me and the state of my life and financial situation. I made a trip to Costco that did make me happy for a few minutes I could not get everything I wanted it is a dream of mine. I am talking food items not lawn furniture, cloths or any extras. I love Costco. I never have a check that I can just spend what I want. Maybe one day. This weekend I finished up a dishcloth that went horribly wrong I think it happened around row 40 and I am sure that 3rd glass of wine helped. So this means I will need to get another ball of cotton yarn and start over on this pattern. Posting picture the Grape and Patio tomato. If you can tell the difference let me know.