Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rainy Saturday Night

Well not an all together bad day. It started out a bit rocky because about 6:30 am I think I was trying to come out of a bad dream I kept hearing a loud noise like someone was trying to beat on my front door and get it open then move to my bedroom window and all I remember is the beating noise at the door and my window and the fact that I was very afraid and could not make myself scream. I could her myself screaming in my head but no sound out of my mouth. Do I finally made myself sit up in bed an then get out of bed and turn my bedroom light on in the room. I went into the living room turned on the lights looked outside and nothing so I think it was just a dream. Could not go back to sleep so I spent the early morning with TMC and my computer. I had a planned trip to Costco with my sister and brother in law. It had been several months since I had paid a visit to Costco and I still love the store but the prices have increased more than I expected them to increase. I still feel on some items I received a good price but I am being to wonder if it is worth the membership fee. I have to accept the fact that I will not be able to get another skein of yarn for the bias scarf I have on the needles. It is a Yarn Bee yarn by Hobby Lobby. I made the mistake of only buying on skein because I felt like it would be enough and it is not because I like a nice long scarf. The Hobby Lobby in Greensboro did not have the color I need. The color they had did not come close. It is a nice very bright pink. You can see the color in yesterday's post. The picture I am posting tonight is of a bowl of Manhattan Catfish Chowder I found the recipe in our local newspaper The Courier-Tribune Wednesday July 18, 2001 I love the recipe. I like to make it on cold nights it is not that cold tonight but very rainy so I felt that it was a good time to make the chowder. Only 2 work days in the up coming week. Happy, Happy! So far so good on Yarn Harlot the secret life of a knitter.

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