Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Night Combo

Well its Friday night and it is my blog anniversary 12/19/2005 while watching tv and drinking wine I decided to create a blog. I have to confess until I started listening to NPR and read an article in the newspaper I did not know anything about blogs. In November 2005 I decided to learn how to crochet took a class at my local Hobby Lobby joined Crochetville and found out so many interesting things. I am however a bad blogger because I will go for long periods of time without posting a blog. It is not because I have a lot to do at night or on the weekends but because I hit slumps and I can barely make myself do anything. I know I have promised this before but in 2009 I plan to try harder. Knit, crochet, and post more often. I brought another Yarn Harlot book(Yarn Harlot the secret life of a knitter) today and the Fall/Winter issue of Knit.1 . So I plan to look through the magazine and read a few pages of the Yarn Harlot book. Only 2 days to work next week Monday and Tuesday our office is closed Wednesday,Thursday, and Friday. So a nice long holiday. I don't want to wish this weekend away because it passing by to fast all by its self but I can't wait until next Tuesday. The year is almost over and I am not sure I am ready. You will see in the picture I have posted my current knitting project it is a Bias Scarf using Yarn Bee Yarn I made the rookie mistake when I purchased this yarn over a year ago to only by one skein. So this week I went looking for another skein at my local Hobby Lobby and I could not find the color I needed. So if I can't find this color tomorrow at the Greensboro Hobby Lobby I will need to live with a short scarf.


Ria said...

Happy Blogversary!

AlabamaGal said...

I am glad we met through blogging! I have made the rookie mistake (alot) LOL I had the idea to make a Mom and daughter scarf for my sis and her daughter for their Bdays in Oct. I just knew I had enough yarn of this pretty pink blend but nope... I did not and couldn't find it in several stores. They had the same color and design but my niece's was a mix of another color too.

I first started blogging when Armando and I dated long distance. It was a great way for us to share our days & I've met some great people over the years. I post now and then and take spells with it too.

Do you have an extra glass of wine, by chance? ;)

P.S. The mp3 player cover is for my niece. Thanks for your comment.

Happy anniversary!

AlabamaGal said...

P.S. Love the scarf and the color and texture is great!

Deneen said...

Happy Blogiversary to ya!

KnitXcorE said...

hehe! ur xmas wine glass is cute.
have a great holiday!

Laura said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! Happy blogiversary! : )