Sunday, September 14, 2008

Feather and Fan Dishcloth

Well another weekend draws to a close and it is off to work tomorrow. I am so very thankful to have a job. I am also very depressed. I wish I had been born smart enough to attend College and move far far away. So life being what it is I will just have to move on and exist until I die. I went to WSSU on Saturday to watch the game and my daughter cheer. WSSU lost the game but I still enjoyed the evening. I spent today reading and knitting. I made a trip to the Library in Greensboro to pick up a book to read Dyer Consequences, by Maggie Sefton the 5th book in a series. I finished knitting a Feather & Fan Dishcloth. I used Peaches & Creme 100% Cotton Yarn 4 ply color #175 Fiesta and size 4.5 mm knitting needles. Great pattern you can find the pattern at .


AlabamaGal said...

This is a beautiful dishcloth. It is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. I really understand how you feel about college. I always wanted to attend college but always worked and worked and felt I would never get the chance.

Have you thought about online schools like Career Step? It is self-paced. Many people study it while working a job. I do not know where your interests lie but Career Step offers Medical Transcription and Medical Coding. If you get some plans they have employment help after. They do have payment plans and offer scholarships. If interested look more here and think about it
You ARE smart enough to go to college and it IS never too late to go. ((big hug))

Ria said...

That's a beautiful dishcloth! i hope you feel happier soon. I went through a period when I was very depressed about work. I really wanted to quit, but didn't know what I wanted to do. I went to college , but haven't used the degree and as it's a technical one from 20+ years ago kind of useless. I even had to look in the book to remember how to help my daughter with some pre-calc homework. I was lucky and my boss let me re-work what I do a bit and I can honestly say that I still have bad days but I am much happier now.

good LUck!


AlabamaGal said...

I get the Knitting Daily newsletter (One day I do want to try knitting again.) They had these precious baby socks as an idea for holiday knitting so I thought I would pass the pattern on for you to see.

Have a great evening precious!

AlabamaGal said...

P.S. You may have to register to get the pattern but it is free. If you do not want to register, email me and I will send you the pattern by email.

My email is msloyola(at)


Just 'N Stitches said...

I like the colors and the pattern. Very pretty!

Fiber Deviant said...

i just love this dishcloth... very beautiful and colorful!

i agree with alabamgal's comment... it is never too late to take on something new! and i believe you are certainly smart enough to go to college.

if you are looking for a change... make small steps... most community colleges have all kinds of classes you can take... you might want to check it out!

sending out positive and happy thoughts to you!

Anonymous said...

I like your dishcloth--looks difficult!

Don't sell yourself short! You're a smart lady. Now that your daughter is in college, maybe it's your turn to take some classes. Taking online classes or going to a community college are good ideas. Does your work give any release time for classes? Probably the hardest part is taking that first step--