Sunday, December 21, 2008

Very pink scarf.

Well the weekend almost over. I just finished a nice Bias Scarf. I used Yarn Bee Yarn in what I think is bubblegum pink. I lost the band that went with the yarn. I paid a visit to my local Hobby Lobby and the Hobby Lobby in Greensboro no more of the yarn in the color I have so I how have a very short scarf. Great scarf. Only 2 work days Monday and Tuesday and then nice long vacation. Our office is closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I return to work 12/29/2008 work the 29th and the 30th and go back to work on the 5th of January. So it like oh happy day. Still no picture of the Grinch I will take one on Wednesday and post the same day. Posting a picture of the Bias Scarf that is hot off the needles.

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Debbi-a1 said...

Lovely scarf.
We have to work Wednesday and next week and even the 2nd. Unless we take vacation. Oh well.