Sunday, August 07, 2011

Setting Myself Free

Well yesterday I let my daughter cut out the rest of my hair that still had relaxer(chemicals). She wanted to flat iron my hair after so I let her flat iron. So for now I have my Natural hair just straighten with a flat iron. Next weekend I will have to try and get a good picture of my self with my Afro. I finished reading the Help on Friday it was a great read and it remind me of going to work on weekend's and during the summer with my Grandmother. My Grandmother and My Mother worked as maids. I Grandmother worked as a maid until the late 80's. My Mother through the 60's and some of the 70's. My Mother went to Illinois and worked you got paid more in the north for the same work. I remember summers and weekend's playing with the lady my Grandmother worked for Grandchildren. When they came to visit or stay a few days during the summer. I remember once Grace who was this ladies Granddaughter asking if why I could not eat lunch with them I don't remember Mrs McDuffie's answer or if I ate lunch with them but I don't think I did because even though no one ever told me I think I knew it was a rule not to eat with them. Like I say the memory is fuzzy on that part. I might go to the movie next weekend we will see depends on my funds. The bad knitter has returned and I have not knitted this weekend. I did start reading How to Knit a Heart Home.